Sights Dresden ?? What you do not want to miss

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Since the unification of Germany in 1990 the city of Dresden has become a popular destination for summer holidays or city breaks. When it comes to over Dresden has much to offer the visitor attractions.

Dresden is the capital of the German state of Saxony.

"Florence on the Elbe"

Already in the 15th century Dresden is an important political, cultural and economic center. The city was rich and that was obviously to forgo the many ornate baroque and rococo buildings. So the city remained until the last century, the leading city of Saxony. Interest in this "Florence on the Elbe" is huge.

Eight major sights in Dresden

1. Frauenkirche
This is perhaps the most famous building in Dresden. A must for any visitor to Dresden. After the "Wende" the rebuilding of this particular church was energetically undertaken. The result is breathtaking. The organ is beautiful, so do not hesitate if you get the chance here to attend a concert.
2. Der Zwinger
This palace complex is located on the Elbe River in the center of the city. It is a superb example of the late Baroque style. The main parts were built between 1710 and 1730 by order of the 'Sun King of Saxony, "Augustus the Strong."
In the various wings of the palace you will find several museums. The best known and most visited museums are the Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister and the Porzellansammlung.
3. Fürstenzug
The noble family which plays a dominant role in the history of Saxony is the House of Wettin. The family had themselves immortalized on a nearly 10-meter-high tableau in the August Strasse. The tiles were of course made in china town Meissen. The scene shows a noble procession in which 35 electors, princes, counts and other dignitaries are depicted.
4. Brühlsche Terasse
The city is also known as the "Florence on the Elbe" is not complete without an enchanting balcony. The high wall of a planned bank offers magnificent on the Elbe. Through a wide exterior staircase descends through the "Balcony of Europe down to the waterfront.
5. Katholische Hofkirche
One of the big highlights for those from the Augustus Bridge looking south. The Catholic church is the cathedral of the Diocese of Dresden-Meissen. The church was heavily damaged during the bombing but was during the GDR era rebuilt.
6. Green Vault
The Wettin family that has long held sway in this country Saxon collected expensive art treasures. The Green Vault is the museum where all these treasures on display are made. Overwhelming richness of baroque to classicism.
7. Semperoper
Along with the Katholische Hofkirche, the Zwinger Palace and the Semper Opera House a landmark. The building has a long and rich history as the court Dresden opera. This building survived the war. After a long period of reconstruction, the building was reopened in 1985 final. In 2002 the Elbe acted far beyond its shores that the opera house was flooded. Because the fire knowing better kept pumping, remained - significantly - water still limited.
8. Schloss Pillnitz
A few kilometers upstream of Dresden is Dresden is Schloss Pillnitz. The basis for this palace was laid in the 17th century. The buildings show a mix of Baroque and Chinese influences. The castle is a beautiful park. From Dresden Pillnitz is easily accessible via the cycle paths along the Elbe.
For more information, the Dresden Tourist Office at 23 Schössergasse a suitable address.