Silent words, body language is not

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People do not talk constantly. Yet we never stop speaking, because our body constantly sends out signals. Sometimes more than we realize. We simply have much less control over our posture, gestures or facial expressions than our words. All these forms of body language tell a lot about our feelings and intentions which others learn more about us, then we tell them. Great importance is attached to what others say and do, yet it mainly depends on a person's body language whether we feel comfortable with that person. Expressing feelings is done according to the American psychologist Mehrabian to 93% by non-verbal communication. It seems unbelievable, but we talk only about 7% with words. The tone of voice accounts for 38%, but 55% body language tells the most about emotions. Especially the facial expressions reveal how people really feel.

 ?? The language of the face ??

Our feeling is most clearly shown by our facial expressions. Someone who is angry, looking straight ahead and also squeezes shut the eyelids. Usually also the lips together. In people who feel rather sad, eyes are drawn together and the corners of the mouth down. If a person finds something unpleasant, then he pulls his nose. Anger, sadness and disgust are like joy, fear and surprise basic emotions that we easily recognize in another. Other emotions such as jealousy, guilt, regret or disappointment are much more difficult to deduce, this is more information than what shows the face. By facial expressions are mainly the eyes and the mouth is important to know how someone feels.
What does a person do if he clears his mouth? Smiling, but not every smile means the same. For example, a happy smile remains on your face, but often it is much more efficient. At a meeting, the smile only a sign of recognition and greeting. The lips usually stay together and he also disappears very quickly from the face. If people are shy smile is too short, but in this situation the eyes are too beaten down immediately. In addition, there are several reasons why we smile like to apology, as comforting or as a token of love. Usually, people different morsel acquaintances of a smile properly interpret together. Because we unconsciously perceive all the details around the mouth and also of the whole face.
Besides the mouth, the eyes are also an important aspect of facial expressions. They tell a lot about how the person feels. When a person feels anxious, increase his pupils also we blink much more in those moments with our eyes. Briefly squeezing the eyelids turn implies that it suspicious. In spite of the importance of the eyes to the whole face is necessary to recognize the right emotion.
Body language not only says something about how a person feels, but also tells a lot about how people feel about each other. How do you feel when you tell something to someone, but that person does not look to you? Hugely uncomfortable indeed. Therefore it is imperative that we realize the importance of good eye contact. Sometimes we see someone not to, simply because we do not dare. Yet this may seem completely different. It may seem as if you are unsure or have something to hide.
But in certain situations, everyone finds it difficult to watch someone. For example, when people notice someone they know, they will not look to that person if he / she is still too far away. Only when that person is close, we look at him. In between we look at all other things because it feels terribly annoying to have to look all the time that person and waving until he is close enough to start talking.
It is difficult when people do not look at, but even so it feels when someone looks too long. Yet the solution to this easily! Try to have as much eye contact as your partner is with you.

 ?? The language of gestures ??

Gestures support mainly our words, but they also put an emphasis on our emotions. A fist indicates as everyone knows in anger. While the nose raising is a clear sign of disapproval.
The entire body is suitable for making gestures. So you can shake your head if you do not accept or shrug if you do not know something. Yet we make most gestures with our arms, hands or fingers. With your hands you can make a lot clear. When you ask someone to sit down with a palm it is considered down as an order. While if the palm is facing up, it comes across as an invitation. A small difference in gesture, but the two meanings are very different. Therefore the palm makes up a good and honest impression. While if he is looking down, he comes very close.

 ?? The language of the body ??

It is very difficult to infer how someone feels when you just look at the posture. It is possible to see how someone deals with that emotion. The attitude of the body also shows how relaxed person. In addition, it also tells us something about how the relationship between people. If they bend over them, for example, this may be a sign of sympathy, but also of aggression. That is, depending on the corresponding facial expression.
As with the facial expressions and gestures, we are not aware of what posture we assume. Did you know when people agree with each other that they unwittingly adopt the same attitude? It is the same as the chemistry between them and they appreciate each other. This deliberately imitate it makes no sense, the other feels it is not sincere.
Our posture is strongly influenced by how we feel. When we are in a gloomy mood, people are different than they are happy. At such a moment is their attitude and more burdened with drooping shoulders. Did you know? There's actually more! Do you equally ?? s mood than forcing yourself to walk straight and make you long. You feel a lot better storage. Try it out, it really works!
In certain situations, people think about what posture they should adopt. This is especially true when people are viewed as at job interviews and presentations. By dwelling on what posture is correct, it seems like every position feels unnatural. That's because we are otherwise unaware of how our attitude.
People often know in those circumstances not remain with their arms. You sit at the table during your presentation? Then it is best to put your arms loosely on your lap or just on the table. Many people find it difficult to relax here. It then helps to hold on to something such as a pen. That gives you so literally a foothold. Just be careful that you do not play it, because it diverts attention from the listeners.
Still so ?? s situation is when two people stand up and somebody says something to the other. That person will then automatically a listening attitude. He occasionally and he also keeps nodding his head slightly slanted, suggesting that he is interested in listening. Yet most people in that situation do not know what to do with their hands. Some keep their arms to feel confident, but it also creates a closed and distant impression. With this attitude, it is also difficult to make gestures when you come to the word. If you put your hands in the hips then you have an active listening attitude. The moment you do the talking, use one arm to make gestures. Let both hands, especially in your hips when you speak, because that's pedantic about it. The most open listening posture, the hands beside the body. This attitude is quite relaxed about it and you can easily make gestures again when you're speaking.

 ?? Two bodies speak differently ??

Men and women are increasingly seen as equal, but truly we will never be the same. Our communication still shows clear differences, and that includes our body language. Nonverbal we all show how we mean our words. Furthermore, we also prove how the mutual relationship is this. This allows women to feel each other more easily than someone of the opposite sex. Thus, it is of course also for the men. While each generation understand each other therein, it is for the opposite sex a difficult riddle. Their body speaks differently and therefore sometimes they do not understand each other.
Although both sexes are estimated at the same height, the man, albeit unconsciously, still love the power. Runs a couple arm and arm? Then she hooked her arm in his, the reverse happens hardly. In another case, he puts his arm over her shoulder and around his waist. Never see it differently. These are all facts that do not strike us. It seems to hear the case.
Because of the differences between men and women, there is also talk of specific postures of men and the other specifically for women. Men have more space than women and they make it clear by sitting astride or with an outstretched leg. While women usually keep their knees together. Both sexes put the legs, but in this there is a difference. It is especially typical of the man to put his foot on his knee. The male sex often leans backwards as he sits with both hands in the neck. Women rarely do. While men rarely put both hands on their laps. His elbow is on the arm of the chair or just on the table. Typical of women brandishing the head to throw her out of their sight. Every woman has that movement in itself already depends not her way.
Men and women not only think differently, even their body shows thinking differently. The male gender has two possibilities: either rubs it on the chin or scratching it firmly with curved fingers in the hair. Women, however, rub with a flat hand with fingers spread.
Because women and men have different body language, they also behave differently towards them someone of the same sex than to someone of the opposite sex. These differences may resemble flirting if he / she looks deep into his eyes, smiling or touching each other. When that person's gestures not handling or adds an additional signal to as to rotate the ring, there is merely spoke of sympathy for someone.

 ?? Truth or lie ???

Words are not always supported by body language. The possibility exists that the body shows something other than what is said. If words and body language actually contradict each other, then faith is attached to the body. People can now lie once more with words than with their bodies. Yet it is not easy to be sure that someone is lying.
When someone has a tendency to cover his mouth, eyes or ears with his hands, this can be a good indication that he was not telling the truth. Often the gesture is tiny and fleeting. It does not look at anyone or closing the eyes can also be a sign of fraud, but it also can be an annoying habit of someone. When someone so ?? s behavior has never, you have a lot of confidence that he's lying.

 "Read thoughts! ??

Someone read his mind is still not possible. Still, you can by using body language to know more about the way the person thinks. Some examples:
Wait a second
Someone with a gaze upwards and simultaneously his finger picks up, not to be disturbed in his mind.
For example, when someone bites a pen, he thinks carefully how he will formulate his critical thoughts.
Someone who scratches his back and puts his other arm to his body, feels disapproval.
A person who supports his chin with his hand, pointed out that he is struggling. Defeated
If someone puts his hand on his head, he feels defeated.
Positive answer
If the person omhoogt look, there will most likely get a positive answer.
A person who doubts, scratching behind his ear and meanwhile looking straight ahead.
Keep silent
By keeping the hands lips, someone makes it clear that he does not want to express his thoughts.
It is clear, words have under control, but you can betray your posture! So be earnest to get sincere about!