Simultaneously Turk and Dutchman: it delivers anything?

Miscellaneous rlawlsgh275 December 8, 2016 2 1
As a Dutchman of Turkish origin once I finally turn to consider the question of the mysterious qualities of Dutch culture, I made my own ?? At the same time, I wonder if it has value to me at all. Since I am a man of two cultures I live in an equal number of worlds. Difficult, you might think, and that's also a bit. Because sometimes you'll like Turk born in the Netherlands in a tension between the western and eastern civilization. And it is sometimes quite difficult to deal with it, but that's also the challenge!
Let's car with some nice examples. First a classic. As a Turk, I am not supposed to focus on my own interests, but the interests of others. This is reflected in the well-known hospitality of Turks. This, as you love me as a Dutchman expects me to my ego toeken a prominent place. That is something I over the years have made partly own. Are these two irreconcilable extremes? No. I know because to get together to defend the interests of others as my own. Though there is a compromise: it can!
Another example is national pride and nationalism. This has been a contentious issue in the Netherlands. Let me just say, I am proud that I have a Turkish background. However, national pride is also something which has been organized at the political level in many countries, which we know as nationalism. Given the links that I have with my country and love for the Turkish culture and civilization, I can safely say that I am a nationalist. Eighty percent of the people reading this now will draw the conclusion that I am a Turkish right-wing extremist. The mistake that the Netherlands made over the years is equating nationalism with right-wing extremism. Namely because nationalism would be at odds with the rational thinking. I admit to a large overdose of nationalism and rational thinking do not go well together. There I also know how to find the right balance, namely by distance myself from everything that logically not be tolerated. Thus I am proud of the Dutch transparency, courtesy and cheese!
Finally, discipline and freedom. The first is typically Turkish, the second is a Dutch phenomenon. As a Turk I appreciate good behavior, which is reflected in such things as seriousness, abiding by the rules, respect and acceptance of authority. However, I also appreciate freedom. Personal responsibility, behavior at will as well as cheap humor now form a substantial part of my character.
What it boils down to is that I do not unilaterally behave, so myself sec sec Turkish or Dutch behave and think. I would not want to, because the more cultures you know, the better you are able to exhibit appropriate behavior, namely to get the best out of two or more cultures. Thus I behave Turkish and Dutch, at the same time. I strive for balance. There is a lot to get through to enrich your life with another culture!