Sinterklaas News Summary 2014

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Look there is the steamboat from Spain again! Saturday, November 15, 2014 Nicholas steamer around 12:00 will enter the port of Gouda. All the events surrounding the Sinterklaas to follow in the Sinterklaas Journal. Are all the important people came along to the Netherlands? Are the gifts wrapped in? Will the great book of Sinterklaas not lost? Follow every day Sinterklaas News or read the summary.

Sinterklaas News 2014

Thursday, December 4
Piet head is in the bus to Spain. There he learns that the great book of Sinterklaas is in his suitcase. A man next to him on the bus wants to look in the book. Peter says that the book is empty. But that is not true. Opapiet had received the book by Nicholas and previewed the wish lists and all major book written full. When the wish lists were no longer needed and which Nicholas had thrown in the fire.
In the Piet house there is a problem. They are the great book again! Fortunately, the Master Peter asks meanwhile the bus driver for the bus towards the Piet House to drive. The book is back! They drive first along the studio and pick Diewertje Blok! They drive to the Piet House. Since it is one big party!
Everyone fine pakjesavond!
Tuesday December 2
It seems that it is still not going so well with Santa Claus. The helpers make again worried about him. The doctor is called in. Who thinks he is crazy to be and that Santa Claus has to rest for a few months. The Petes see the horse outside the stable. Sinterklaas arrives on a new horse. It is a black horse.
The wish lists had to reach all at Christmas, but they have disappeared. Fortunately, many children have created a new list. Exactly Pete and Pete Nag bring the lists to Santa Claus. He is not at his office. They walk to the big book to do lists in it. The big book lies not only in the place where he always is. Sinterklaas comes running. They explain that the Book is gone, but Santa Claus does not seem busy to make.
Monday December 1st
Saturday the horse seemed changed by the Goochelpiet into a rabbit. How about that? Sinterklaas comes to the barn and sees the rabbit. Nicholas says, "actually hear the horse to stand here, the bunny to make a seat." Sinterklaas has a new home for the bunny, namely the Goochelpiet. Sinterklaas himself was on the road with the horse, and that can again stand in the stable. So there was not much going on.
The wish lists are still away, that must be the main Piet today to tell Santa Claus. Pete Panic at the door of the office and keeps the head Piet against. Pete Panic panics and begins to cry. Sinterklaas comes out and indicates that the loss of the wish lists is no reason for panic. There is often something away!
Saturday, November 29
News from the chamber of Saint Nicholas. Head Peter enters the room and there is Opapiet from the chimney down. Opapiet indicates that he let the children occasionally extra spoils. But that's against all the rules! Head Piet thinks Opapiet must return to Spain. He angrily sends him back to Spain. Sinterklaas comes in and hears noises coming from the chimney.
Two helpers go to the stable of the horse of Sinterklaas. They see no horse alone, but only a rabbit.
In the Piet House must now all helpers gather. Cardinal Peter has an announcement. He says, "I have everything under control. And why is that? I spent the last three wish lists! " He does a little unkind to the House Piet. He says "the House Piet and a jar made of!" All helpers deal with the Head Piet to pack the room. Once there, they scare: all wish lists are gone!
Friday November 28
Pakjesavond can only continue if there are packages. The Petes have wish lists counting. There are already a lot of wish lists retrieved. It's really a lot of work. The Main House Piet Piet and a little quarrel about who is in charge. They want both to ensure that the good comes. The Petes count the wish lists. They have almost all the wish lists!
The helpers do in the room Winky very secretive. They hide everywhere. Then Opapiet in and get them out. Opapiet's birthday and all the helpers going to sing for him. They sing so loud that enters Main Piet. He asks: "I heard Opapiet? Let me not find him here, that should not Winky! "
Thursday November 27
Tonight the Picts were back on stage. They get on all wish lists. They should not gifts in the shoes, but they can only retrieve the lists. Opapiet do so secretly! He says, "I may have put in gifts, because I am Opapiet!"
Sinterklaas has fallen asleep in his chair behind his desk. He is still very tired. The helpers make really worried about Christmas. Dr. Piet comes along and wants to investigate him. Dan Nicholas wakes. He goes into his bed to sleep.
Wednesday November 26
The Petes have no idea what to pack. The kids are working hard on making the lists. The frames are not only long all picked up. Cardinal Peter is called by St. Nicholas. Nicholas wants to know what about the wish lists. Cardinal Peter is confident that it will be okay. "How many frames there are already inside?" asks Nicholas. Head Peter says that there are about four or five. Nicholas begins to doubt whether they are going to save it all.
You may encounter the helpers everywhere, because most new pump comes Petes have a job. For example, they work with a jeweler on the garbage truck or to the doctor.
Tuesday, November 25
There are helpers who are bored. They are far too many Petes. Some of the new helpers there want a new job at.
All gifts for pakjesavond in the parcel room. The Petes just do not know what to pack, and then they know not what they should give. Sinterklaas needs wishlists. The children made it, but they have not yet been retrieved. Will it work at all get on the lists on time? Piet head suddenly jumps inside the Sinterklaas Journal. He says that the children have to do their shopping in their shoe. These are then picked up. Fortunately, there are still enough Petes. Then the House Piet calling Dieuwertje. He indicated that he wants to tell on TV that all children must do list in their shoes. Dieuwertje explains that the Chief Piet he was before. He does not seem to hear it.
Monday November 24
The steamer is Pete Panic panic. Head Piet says they just go back to Spain, there is no discussion about this. The other lay helpers to Main Piet that whole room is filled with the presents for Christmas morning. Then suddenly Sinterklaas in steps. He sailed with the small boat to the steamer. Sinterklaas indicates that the steamer must immediately return to the Netherlands. Thus it becomes solid again 'old-fashioned fun.
The Petes of the steamer with all our gifts have arrived in the parcel room. The new helpers have taken over all the duties and do all what needs to be done. It seems that the ancient Picts are unnecessary. That's a bit pathetic.
Saturday, November 22
It seems that the helpers have been mistaken, and it's going well with Santa Claus. Indeed, he will take you along a lot of small towns for small entrance ceremonies. Then something strange happens. The Saint is at an entry and sail on a small boat away. The Petes only standing on the quay in the village. The helpers are afraid to do it now on without Christmas.
In the big house Piet they are looking for Santa Claus. They search everywhere, but could not find him. The Petes hear from each other that the doctor has said that he is just on vacation.
Friday November 21
Dieuwertje still can not contact the steamer.
Some Petes will sing Sinterklaas because they want the big Piet Choir. Sinterklaas listens or he likes it.
The large Piet House is a less fun message about Santa Claus. Sinterklaas is very tired and so busy. Two helpers trying to find out what happened to Nicholas. They listen St. occasionally hear him say on the phone about a vacation. They ask to Nicholas how this works. He says he did not go on vacation. Now the Picts think that Santa Claus also another forgetful and that all is not well with Santa Claus.
Thursday November 20
Sinterklaas is concerned about the Picts who left for Spain by steamboat. Opapiet is still working to train the new helpers as well as possible. He teaches several helpers how to bang on the door. Nicholas caught almost Opapiet. He hears him very loudly banging. Opapiet can just dive away in time.
Sinterklaas is a little tired. The helpers are afraid that the Saint is sick.
The House Piet looks for the packets of packet evening. He knows that they are on the steamer, but he does not know where the boat is. They go in search of the harbor. They arrive at the port, but they do not see the steamer there. Dieuwertje indicates that we have long know that the boat is not there, but already on its way to Spain.
Wednesday November 19
Dieuwertje can not contact the steamer. This is too far away.
The Petes all get a bag of grit. Opapiet want three bags. The rule is "one important person, one bag!". Opapiet will not abide by this rule, and takes three bags gingerbread. It would then be lucky if Opapiet when you come.
In the big house Piet Piet puts the House one more time how the helpers have to fill the shoes. In the shoes of the helpers do the presents the children have put the shoe. The bag let the helpers just stand there. The bag contains gifts for children than they know. Then the children share just the packets themselves out.
House Piet explains his system from the Sinterklaas. Sinterklaas looks still questionable and wonders how it is soon to go on Christmas morning. "Where are yet another Petes and where are the gifts?" asks the House to St. Peter.
Tuesday, November 18
There are too few helpers to bring us presents. The Petes have not in school at all classes filled the shoes. In a few classes are the gifts of all children. So children can help deliver the Petes.
The steamer with the Master Pete, Pete Panic and other helpers is still on its way to Spain.
The House Piet Piet is in the House, giving the new helpers that he is the Head of Piet from now. He listens only to the named Master Peter. Sinterklaas comes from the stairs and asks: "do you know where the main Piet?" All new helpers face the House Piet.
Monday November 17
Lots and lots of kids have their shoe may put last weekend. The new helpers would fill these shoes, but they went at night all sleep at home. How did the House Piet solved this? Jeroen will figure this out. He discovers that the Picts in one house have given several gifts. That saves a lot of work.
The House Piet discovers that Opapiet has not returned to Spain. Opapiet will not go back and decides to hide from Sinterklaas.
Dieuwertje contact the steamer. Piet head indicates that she Netherlands no longer allowed, it was full. They no longer fit in the Piet House and there were already new Petes. Main Piet says Netherlands has their own helpers, and who go for. Dieuwertje does not agree. She asks whether the Petes will come back. But Master Peter indicates that they have had it with the Dutch cosiness. Dieuwertje trying to give even that they have the outfits pakjesavond on the boat. It looks like the packets going back to Spain!
Saturday, November 15
The quay is full of children. Dieuwertje Block wonders whether there are helpers. They have to find Opapiet, because he has the key. Fortunately, he is the country still does not matter, because he is still in the bus. He is shocked! His case is still at the bus stop. He must! This news also reached the mayor himself to the bus stop in a hurry. If he wants to pack his suitcase, asked the mayor: "Are not you forgetting something KEY ?!" Along with the mayor almost Piet himself to the warehouse. Fortunately, all helpers are freed.
Sinterklaas Meanwhile, the boat is still in a deep sleep. He wakes of children's voices. That means they are almost there! He pulls his finest robe and goes with House Piet on the deck. Not much later they step ashore. Sinterklaas comes first on the road with his new helpers. Opapiet find it so pleasant that he decides to remain secret. Also with the other helpers who had gone off the boat, it will be fine. It was arranged for them a tour boat. They all go into town, and as Sinterklaas has suddenly double the Petes. The only question is whether all helpers will fit in the warehouse. Cardinal Peter makes a difficult decision and travels with the Picts from Spain by steamboat. In the steamer are also still the presents for Christmas morning.
In the News Sinterklaas Saturday night to see the new helpers are busy in the warehouse with the shoe presents for tonight. At some point decide the new helpers to go home to sleep. They still had to do other things. One Piet has a birthday and the other Piet must still working at the hospital. Sinterklaas arrives and finds that there is a little little helpers to deliver the presents. If this is good but ...
Friday, November 14 2014
Opapiet soon go back to Spain. Opapiet is too old and is free to stop working on Christmas. He is now helpers in training. A Piet must be three things. First, he can slip through the chimney. In addition, every important person must be a trick and finally Piet must be funny. It is also very important to wear the Petes real Piet suits. The helpers can earn a diploma Piet. Piet Lut is the first important person with a diploma. Be more diplomas are awarded, among other things Nag Piet Piet and Clown. Opapiet goes away, but the door behind him. All helpers were still inside. Hopefully they'll be tomorrow at the entrance!
Thursday, November 13, 2014
House and Piet Sinterklaas find it very strange that there is no more important people are on board. They are now only in pairs. How was that necessary? They can be difficult to do all the chores together. The Mayor of Gouda has a solution to the problem Piet. New helpers are trained by opapiet in Gouda. Jeroen de reporter also see white Petes between the new Petes. The color of the Piet is only secondary. If Piet but a nice pietenpak has to!
House and Piet Sinterklaas meanwhile go on the boat already hard at work.
Wednesday, November 12, 2014
Panic on board. The water flows faster in the boat. The Petes try with buckets to drain the water. The Petes finally decide to disembark.
Jeroen Kramer again given a tour. Yesterday he was not completely satisfied. The head of the service side issues has improved the minuses of the city. The roof tiles are replaced and the factory is pimped with a bow.
Dieuwertje Bloc is afraid there is no helpers come this year because they have gone overboard.
House Piet discovers that the water comes from the tap in the bathroom which was still open. Piet is tired he must clean up everything, he's not a boy. Sinterklaas will be mopping up the water.
Tuesday, November 11, 2014
The boat of Sinterklaas is en route to the Netherlands. The big question is: "there are also helpers to the Netherlands?" Sinterklaas confirms that all helpers there again and again that it is old-fashioned fun.
Some helpers are working on a surprise for Christmas. They have a beautiful painting of Dieuwertje Blok. They have the painting hung in the steamer and thereby have holes drilled into the boat. There is already some water flowing inside the boat. Especially Pete Panic becomes very panic.
Nicholas goes to live temporarily in the Netherlands in the large Piet House. The house is already made cozy, Dolores! Reporter Jeroen Kramer gets a tour of Gouda from the Head of the side issues. In addition to Saturday's boat Santa Claus.

What is the Sinterklaas News?

Sinterklaas Journal in 2001 for the first time on television. Since 2012, the episodes begin five days before the arrival of Sinterklaas. In previous years began broadcasting three days notice.
The broadcasts are a record of everything before, during and after the invasion by the Picts and Nicholas happens. Every day at 18 o'clock at NPO 3 aired the news. There are usually three subjects, there is an important person short news and weather. Every Sunday there is a weekly overview. After all the episodes aired another annual review.
Presentation and Reporting
Dieuwertje Block - presenter
Kees Driehuis - voice over
Jeroen Kramer - reporter, reporter at the entry and internet presenter
Dolores Leeuwin - reporter

What happened to the previous years?

The arrival of Sinterklaas this year in Groningen. On the way to the Netherlands, Sinterklaas out that he has forgotten his staff. So great panic! Mr. de Vries had to rebuilding the real staff of Sinterklaas found in his chimney. Mr. de Vries makes the real wand again reaches Sinterklaas. Unfortunately, the Petes understand this, and throw him off accidentally. The staff is so ended up in a joke shop. The Listening Piet ensures that the staff will come back at Christmas.
The Listening Piet should listen and make notes of what the children in the Netherlands. The notebooks have suddenly disappeared. Besides the books also disappear other objects. The Listening Piet is instructed to re-listen. He writes everything down in the great book of Sinterklaas. Then the book suddenly appears to have disappeared. All the missing items are packed by the Picts and throughout the Netherlands. The gifts were slowly and therefore decided Petes also pack belongings from the Piet House. All gifts must be retrieved by the Petes. Unfortunately, the great book is not recovered. The Listening Piet here is very sad and walk away. Nobody knows where he is. It appears that the Listen Pete all the gifts have been retrieved which had forgotten the other Petes. Between one of the forgotten gifts was also the great book of Sinterklaas. Happy!
The arrival of Sinterklaas this year in Roermond. Once Sinterklaas and his helpers will depart from Spain, they discover that the boat does not work anymore. They have to make the sea journey with a much smaller steamer. The replacement boat is too small. Sinterklaas' horse does not fit there. They decide the horse as great package to send to the Netherlands. The package comes through Roermond contact Piet House. On the day of the entry the police are called. The horse must be ridden at the Piet House to the city. The police are making a big mistake! The trailer with the horse it is not properly attached to the police car. Fortunately the agents know the horse still get on time in Roermond. There can Sinterklaas resign.
During the invasion spreading the helpers with money instead of gingerbread. People gather this is going on, and as the money spreads throughout the Netherlands. The helpers will use this money to buy presents for the children. Viewers of Sinterklaas Journal is called upon to preserve the special funds.
In love Pete would agree with his girlfriend. All he could not find her. After a big search they still appears to be in Spain. She could not go to the Netherlands from the Main Piet. She had sight hidden in the chimney of Steamboat. Therefore, the ship did not. The Pieten who knew her found the boat again to get the talks. All remaining helpers sail with the steamboat to the Netherlands. They take all the presents along which are still on board. The girl Piet also sails along, and she marries Pete Love.
The arrival of Sinterklaas this year in Dordrecht. When the steamboat departs from Spain seems like Sinterklaas helpers without coming to the Netherlands. The Petes have been so bad, but on other steam boats sailed. The deal is being hoisted a flag upon arrival where the helpers can come off. The flag is only taken to the municipality Purl. Everyone is confused! Fortunately know Jeroen and Peter Klim reporter to bring back the flag. The Petes now know where they should be and can back off on the flag.
Besides the confusion with the flag, there is something strange going on. The mayor of Purl appears to be missing. He is the last person to come into the Big Book of Christmas. If this problem appears to be resolved, is suddenly the Big Book of Sinterklaas disappeared. Then they discover that Santa Claus himself, the book.
Cardinal Peter thinks Sinterklaas' horse needs new shoes. But he does them wrong with the horse. Sinterklaas is on the road with his horse and must return to the House Piet. Nicholas thinks the horse itself the way home you will do. But arrived at the Piet House, the horse is nowhere to be found. The horse is lost. That's because his shoes were wrong. Eventually, the pair will be found and everything will be alright!