Sleep problems nightmares

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By a nasty nightmare you can not get back to sleep. You're tired, shoot earlier in the stress and your mood changes drastically. All of this can be the cause of nightmares. Fortunately, there is plenty to do to reduce these sleep. Think of therapy, medication or other methods.

Causes of sleep problems nightmares

There are several reasons why you can not get to sleep at night. The most common reasons are:
  • You're afraid you regain a nightmare.
  • You're too stressed to sleep.
  • You do not feel safe in your own bed.
  • You were so tired during the day because you could not sleep at night you slept all day.
  • You just need to sleep and do not feel fine in here.

All these reasons keep you out of sleep you just so badly needed. Fortunately, there are some useful things you can do to get to sleep anyway.

Helpful hints to sleep anyway

Below are some tips that you can implement at home from your couch or bed.
  • Even though you are so tired during the day, do not go to sleep. Stay awake and just sleep in the evening.
  • Drink after 18:00 no coffee or other caffeine products.
  • Take bedtime a warm bath or shower. This relaxes and makes you calmer lying in your bed.
  • Do not watch violent movies before bedtime.
  • Try as it can not only sleep but with a trustworthy person next to you.
  • If you get there at finer feel, then hang a night light on.
  • Create a playlist of music that you fine. Put it on during bedtime. Your brains recognize this music and because you feel fine here the chance of nightmares less.
  • If this does not work, take a sleeping pill.

Chronic fatigue

If the problems do not go away after these measures is likely to occur from chronic fatigue. This means that you can not sleep a longer period and that there is almost nothing to help. Chronic fatigue is often accompanied by psychological symptoms. It is therefore advisable to visit the doctor. He will take the necessary measures that can be implemented not at home.

Consequences for the relationship

Sleep problems can be very annoying. Especially when you're living together and / or children. Because you're tired, you can respond differently than normal. This might be misconstrued by your partner and children. Hide your sleep but why not just talk about it. So everyone knows what is happening and why you might react differently.
When tensions run high within the relationship it is wise for both of them and for the kids to get away from each other. For example, you yourself will come to rest and have your partner and / or children equally not worried about you. Another option is right are all taking a short break at a peaceful location.