Sleep you can learn

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Is not it nice to get up every morning full of energy and zest for life? Unfortunately, many people are every night wide awake in bed tossing and turning. They counting sheep or swallow pills. They can only dream of a healthy sleep.

What is insomnia

Sleep is a biological need. It is a vital necessity to function physically and mentally. But many people snore, have restless legs or sleepwalking, making them anything but wake up rested. But insomnia is a common condition. A 12% of the population would have occasionally affected. And a 10% of the people on a daily basis combs with this problem. Most complaints concern the difficulty falling asleep. It gets annoying when sleep takes longer than half an hour. A smaller group has been the problem of waking up at night. The smallest group has again suffered from waking up too early.


Each person has his own sleep pattern. This also changes once more through the years. The older we get, whore less sleep we need. One person has eight hours of sleep, the other requiring only six hours of sleep. Sometimes complaints about insomnia rather due to the fact that some people need less sleep than they think. Sleep problems are often associated with depression. Insomnia can be a symptom of depression, but can also be the harbinger of his. Other causes are sometimes stress, anxiety or too much work. If you lead a carefree existence and still are dealing with insomnia, cause you can also search for stimulant drugs, coffee, tea, alcohol, tobacco, or a heavy meal just before bedtime.

Sleep Hygiene

There is only one way to be awake, but there are plenty of ways to sleep. Often one speaks of the architecture of the sleep or sleep hygiene. Our night is in fact divided into three to six cycles. Each cycle starts with a phase of light sleep, followed by a period of deep sleep to end up in the so-called paradoxical sleep. It is only in deep sleep to recover various body will go, such as the muscles and bones; But the hormones. During the paradoxical sleep, the mind and the memory that makes new forces. This third phase is crucial for instance, concentration or our sense of humor. It is in this last stage that we make the rapid eye movements, or rapid eye movements. We call this quite often REM sleep. The whole cycle takes about ninety minutes and repeats a six to a dozen times. The more the night progresses, the light sleep will be shorter and the paradoxical sleep longer. Sleep announces itself by yawning, poking in the eyes, heavy eyelids and sagging facial muscles. If you're on television or in the car must fight sleep and not give in to, you'll probably have to wait until the beginning of the next cycle, about a half hour later, you can fall asleep. Did you miss the beginning of the cycle as you lie in bed, you better stand back awhile to sleep until you get back signals omin. Also important for your sleep hygiene is the regularity. Every day at the same hour to go to sleep and get up, your biological clock helps to cultivate a steady rhythm. Make sure the room is hotter than twenty degrees and ventilate them enough during the day. Make sure it is dark in the room. Also, radiation from televisions and computers can disrupt sleep. Carbohydrates help sleep and if you prefer supper upstairs proteins that keep you wake up earlier. If you wake up frequently during the night, it is best to try to shorten your nights by sleeping later. Just try to relax and listen to the signals of your body. 'S Evening sports or take a warm bath may also help to better sleep.

Sleeping Pills

Nearly one in three use sleeping pills to sleep. Many are also helped. Prior to switching medications, it's best to try the work of plant extracts. Tinctures, pills, tablets or syrup may suffice herbal to get your sleep back on the right path e. Hawthorn, passion flower, verbena, lime, hops, orange blossom, chamomile and valerian are resources that often scientific evidence that they work with insomnia. Manage such therapy can not prescribed by the doctor still switch on numerous bezodiapines with short and long operation. Here you have to remember, however, that this classic sleep medicine improves the quantity of sleep, but also reduces the quality. They can help only in other words, to build a good sleep hygiene.