Small, white bumps on the lip

Health Zsbee August 7, 2016 0 15
If you pull your lip tightly, there are small to some people, white spots on them. What are these points and are they harmful? You can also find them in other places of your body?

Fordyce spots or spots Fordyce

If you are sure that you have no ulcers or SOA, you've probably Fordyce spots, also called Fordyce spots. The name Fordyce is the name of the doctor who first described it this condition. Often depends on having Fordyce spots along with your hormones. The bumps are innocent.
What are Fordyce spots?
Fordyce spots look like tiny bumps, often yellow or white. They are enlarged sebaceous glands of the skin.
Where can you have Fordyce spots?
  • On your lower or upper lip
  • On the mucous membrane on the inside of the cheek
  • In women the labia
  • In men: on the penis or the ball sacks
  • Less common: around the mouth or under the armpit

Can you treat Fordyce spots?
There is no cure for Fordyce spots. You can not do anything against the distribution. You outgrow the Fordyce spots; these are then in the course of the years less. Sometimes irritation of a razor or razor blade as seen cause of Fordyce spots. You could then consider more carefully shave around the area where you have the spots.
If you are really bothered by the spotlights - in appearance, since the spots give further irritation - you can ask for a treatment with a fractionated CO2 laser. However, this is not often done. The laser treatment is, in the first place for the reduction of, for example, scars. Another means for possible treatment is Tretinoïnegel.

Other possible causes

If you can not find in the description above, it may be that the bumps in your lips are slightly different. Here are some other possible causes.
Canker Sores
An aft is a sore, usually on the lips and / or gums. The nodules vary in size. The difference between Fordyce spots is that canker sores are painful and burning. Canker sores heal itself.
Herpes can cause rashes on the lips and genitals. The difference is that Fordyce spots around the Herpes skin often irritated and red, and the bumps are larger on average. Genital warts can also be a cause of bumps around sex. When in doubt, consult a doctor.