Smartphone: more time you spend, the more you may be depressed

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Smartphone: more time you spend, the more you may be depressed

41% of us visit their smartphone 10 times a day, and 12% more than 50 times. Beware, the time spent on a smartphone may not be trivial for his sanity!

As soon as we woke up as soon as we are connected. 60% of us consult our smartphone in the hour of our stand. The way we use our mobile phone in a day can give indications about our psychological state. This is according to a study by researchers at Northwestern University in Chicago in the United States.

The pot can determine the risk of depression

The study showed that the special service, every individual, from his smartphone, could help determine whether or not a person suffering from depressive symptoms.

People who spend a lot of time on their smartphones are moving much less than those who only spend a few minutes a day. The first often simply traveling between home and the workplace, while the latter move more during the day and therefore have a richer social life.

People with depression symptoms using their mobile, on average, 68 minutes per day, while those serene and joyful not in use 17 minutes.

A study conducted in March 2014 by Milward Brown, showed that at present, the time spent in front of a smartphone was 2 hours 27 minutes per day against 1 hour 53 minutes for television. Does this mean that we are all depressed? Fortunately, no! The study from Northwestern University only allows to include an additional risk factor for depression.

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