Sodium chloride injections for acne scars

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Have you suffered from acne and there are now seen deep dimples in your skin? Perhaps Sodium chloride injections than for you! In America, this treatment is quite known. As will be referred to as the Saline injections. It is a fairly simple and inexpensive treatment that works best on the whole, fresh acne scars, but often works out well in older scars. Have you already tried all conventional treatments to reduce acne scars? Then this simple option is definitely worth trying.

How does it work?

In this treatment, there is 0.9% Sodium Chloride solution injected into the skin of acne scars. The needle is only about 1.5 to 2 mm deep into the scar, then sprayed it thoroughly, to make a sort of balloon under the scar is what you can see on the surface. This naturally causes minor injury in the skin under the acne scar, which ultimately collagen production triggers here. For example, the space can be filled up under the scar, making the scars to be less deep!

What is 0.9% Sodium Chloride solution?

0.9% sodium chloride solution is also known is referred to as physiological saline solution and always consists of water and 0.9% Sodium Chloride. This concentration salts also present in our body, so it is actually a natural substance and will be absorbed after injection within hours! It therefore can not be compared to fillers. The aim is to cause only slight temporary injury, so that the collagen production is initiated. The 0.9% NaCl solution that is used to inject should always be sterile or bacteriostatic. To properly carry collagen production started, the treatment must be repeated several times.

How often?

The scars can be injected more than once every two / three weeks. 6 to 8 treatments are usually required to achieve results. If you see no improvement after 6-8 treatments such, it has no sense to try again. If you see improvement after 6 to 8 treatments, they will remain and will not disappear quickly. Occasional maintenance as ?? boost ?? is in some cases so is desirable. This will come down to one or two treatments per year, or slightly less.
Remember that 100% improvement with this treatment is impossible, although with some noticeable improvement can give up to 80%. If your skin reacts well, you will see that your scars which gradually soften.

What is the proper technique when giving NaCl injections for acne scars?

The needle is inserted at an angle of approximately 45 ° in the acne scar. The needle should be about 1.5-2 mm deep into the skin, as it is intended to inject into the dermis just like normal intradermal injections. The syringe is then quickly with a reasonable vigorous movement pressed, and so on until there appears a large bulge on the surface. In medical terms, this is called a wheal. The amount that is needed in order to sufficiently blow up the space under the scar will often be around 0.5 ml, but it can vary by scar. Sometimes, the scar is to be injected from a pair of different places in order to get the NaCl solution well below the location of the scar. The treatment technique is simple and can be performed by a doctor, nurse or dermatologist who has experience with giving intradermal injections. Some do it by themselves, but in those without this experience brings the necessary risk ?? s along with it.

How the scars will look like after the treatment?

The clear bubble just after you have injected NaCl solution will be absorbed or less within a few hours by the body. However, the NaCl solution causes a healing process in the meantime however, the scar tissue so the cells under pressure go to work. In some people the scars may look flatter during this period. For others it can occur right that they first look a bit worse before they show any improvement. Finally, keep in mind that the skin can bleed after the injection, and that the needles may leave red marks. The skin may swell a little.

What types of acne scars are eligible for these injections?

These injections are the most likely to succeed in rolling scars, shallow scars Atrophic scars and shallow corer. Incidentally are also scars that develop after chickenpox suitable. Moreover respond scars that are on the cheeks usually the best! The injections will not / hardly working at deep scars and ijspriemlittekens.
It is often recommended that the scars at least two weeks in advance with Vitamin A acid to prepare before you start the series of six to eight treatments. Also, you must make sure that acne is all about before you even start tackling acne scars. After the injection, it is important the injected places as little as possible to touch.