Some Tips To Make The Physical Exercise More Intense

Sport the1andonly December 9, 2016 0 65

Start exercising requires time, willpower and, above all gradually.
It 'impossible to think about getting real benefits from sports, in a short time.
For this it is good leisurely approach to the sport, starting to practice small but constant exercises.
With time, however, it becomes necessary to increase the intensity of our business if we want to get physical results expected.

We can, for example, try increasing the difficulty of our business by adding a slope, increasing the speed with which we work, practicing different activities in different ways.
Here, in brief, some advice on how to optimize our physical effort.


One of the easiest ways to gradually increase the intensity and the quality of our exercise is to add an incline to our training track.
This is possible if, for example, we used to ride a bike, go hiking on foot or simply jogging.
In these cases, we may decide to add an uphill so as to push the heart to work harder and leg muscles become firm and tone.


Another way to improve our performance is to increase gradually the speed with which we carry out the exercises.
This makes it possible to increase our resistance and further develop the muscles of the legs, buttocks and abdomen.


Often the daily practice of the exercises causes us to get bored and lose so the motivation to keep fit.
In such cases it may be particularly useful to vary the type of activity practiced.
For example, we alternate a week of walking or jogging, in a week of swimming, biking or gym. Another solution is to practice physical activity in the company of friends so as to make it less burdensome and more fun.
In this way we will keep the results and give continuity to our favorite physical activity.


When you practice exercises aimed at strengthening the muscle mass, it is important to start gradually.
Use weights that are too high could result in serious injury to the muscles and cause serious damage to our body.

For this reason, it is best to add an extra weight, from time to time, depending on our prowess, resistance and the level of training that we hard-won.