Someone passing, how does that work?

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The passing of a loved one who has died can be part of the treatment and healing process. As with so many things about dying, many people find it, however weird or scary idea to touch a dead man. Also, they often do not know what to do with accountability. What is and how do you take off a dead person? Obviously there are people who travel have made it their profession and anyone can choose to leave the care of a deceased to as ?? s professional. But who wants to seize this last chance yet to try to do something for the deceased, it can also itself.
Discarding is really just another word for care. Compare it with the own care. Who ?? up in the morning showering or washing himself, wash his hair, shave or take makeup, brushes his teeth, fashions the hair and pulls something fun. Actually, that is also what happens to the deceased. Incidentally, it should not take too long after someone has died happen. After a certain time occurs because the body stiffness and it is very difficult for example to dress the person in question.


Obviously it is very important to know in advance whether the person in question will still be touched by a relative or friends, whether he or she would have preferred that a professional had taken this task upon themselves. Often, however, people find it to be a finer idea looked after by someone who was close to them, then a wild strange person as a messenger or a caregiver. Respect for those who made beautiful is of course in all cases the first requirement.
For taking of all necessary, as is the case with someone who makes his own toilet. Obviously it starts beautify deceased when washing. Just with soap as it is otherwise done. It may also feel very strange that arms and feet ,, just ???? what swabbing. Because the muscles in the body is not all work as a kind of elastic. Everything just quietly gripping and quietly deal is best. Put an arm or leg after washing and drying just calm down. The person in question might not realize that you work on the body, but it also belongs to the respectful treatment of the deceased. When rendering is basically the whole body washed including the genitals and breasts. At death sometimes disappear control of bladder and bowels. So it may be that someone has defecated run or has urinated. Who not so good at is, can ask someone else to clean up or for example a nurse, district nurse or home help request to do so.

Hair Care

The body is then washed once, for example, the hair can also be washed. It can also simply be combed into shape and attached put, for example, a little hairspray. Sometimes it is so that one illness for a long time is no longer intensively cared for. There grow hair on or inside the nose or the lips, there is perhaps a beard which really affects the appearance. Whoever wants to remove all of it. Also now be careful because scrapes and cuts do not give a good impression of someone who is deceased.
Then it's time to dress the deceased. Perhaps he or she has already shown itself what should be worn if there obviously talked about. Furthermore, observe the feeling. Someone who is deceased, feels very cold. From the private sentiments, there is often a tendency to dress the person extra attention. This is not strange, that's even quite normal. Is there a tendency to someone even attract a thick coat for the actual funeral and everybody agrees with it, just do it.

Dress: with policy

The dress of someone who is deceased must be done with any policy. The body gives way no more of themselves and to avoid strange sjorpartijen it is important to carefully deal with the deceased. Perhaps there is someone around who has some experience as a messenger or a caregiver who helps if anything fails. Error is incidentally never anything as long as it is done with respect.
It is customary for the deceased as to dress as he or she was always just. So just underwear and outerwear. Furthermore, it also depends of course on the habits of the person concerned. A young woman who was always greatly on nice lingerie, you might also want to do as she makes her final journey. Someone who has long been very ill, perhaps more had it not make sense in all that fuss and just want good hove.

Face Care

Is the person dressed in issue, then the face will turn. Possibly the eyes of the deceased are not closed or half open. Due to be slightly on the eyelids or to lower it down again. Sometimes a piece of tissue is placed under the eyelid, so the eyes remain closed. Personally I do a very nasty idea that my mother had to close her eyes and afterwards I would not again. Then go quite so bad with the feeling.
Also prostheses in the mouth can be inserted properly at the moment or newly inserted. Someone who is very sick, throws his dentures often on the side. If it feels that the person in question the prosthesis stand it is of course excellent. Who does not want, can now insert the dentures again.


If all of this has been done, for example, make-up can also be applied. Sometimes it is necessary to to hide signs of illness or to conceal how badly someone at last looked. It can also be a homage to the deceased. Someone who is prepared nicely and that disease and conflict can finally leave behind, can look stunning. Lipstick, some eye shadow, mascara and powder what to do in that case sometimes wonders.

Panic: I can not do it anyway

Who incidentally starts in good spirits to the care of the deceased, but it gets halfway so angry that it was no longer possible, there is obviously no need to be ashamed of. Someone passing can be wonderful to do, but it can also be very difficult. It is very real that the person is deceased in question. Moreover, there are also people who have an illness or accident really looking forward to. The tasks can of course always be handed over to a professional who deals daily with such conditions. Just be remembered as the person in question is provided, it may be a better alternative. Incidentally, it is always important to find a provider that meets the needs of both the deceased and the bereaved. And sets his annoyance about the person's conduct in question, admit it immediately. Respect is different for everyone and certainly in such circumstances should be clearly stated how it should be handled with the deceased. Afterwards with regret look back on something at the death of a loved one very nasty, because it can not be reversed.
Is the person totally well made and cared then often comes the moment of the boxes to. That can be done yourself or by someone from the funeral association. The coffin is not more or less than the deceased lay in the coffin. Follow thereby also the feeling; the idea that the person in question so would not want to lie? Change it just as it is good. The are all things that can be done for the person in question, but where he or she can say nothing more.
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