Sonja Bakker, 2007 the waste-hype

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If you people would ask what is the most used diet of 2007, most will mention the Sonja Bakker diet. This diet is indeed a very popular diet that many people try and keep doing it.

Sonja Bakker

Sonja Bakker was born on November 3, 1974. As a professional she has a weight consultant. In 1997 she got her diploma with the previously written LOI course weight consultant, which she started in 1995.


Sonja Bakker's book ?? Reach your ideal weight ?? written. Of these, 400,000 copies were sold in 2005-2006. The book has also been a long time in the top 10 best-selling books of the Netherlands.
Why so popular?
Sonja Bakker diet is very popular because it is known for the still eat normal portions. The only thing is to change your eating style. This appeals to many people to try it, because no shot is always wrong. These people often find that the diet actually works, and keep doing it. So it is a pleasant way to lose weight, and very effective.


There are many books with recipes Sonja Bakker. It is clear recipes given here. For each day there is one. Everything is tracked, and ensuring that you will not weight, and preferably also loses.
Or eating recipes Sonja Bakker diet is good? You should decide for yourself. The only thing is that ordinary meals, and thus not different from your normal meals. The only thing is the combination and diet.

Eating habits

Of course there is also at the Sonja Bakker diet uses a lot of fat products. Besides adjusting when you eat something, the light products often lend a hand. That is not the most important of the diet. So when it comes to what you eat. ?? In the morning, for example, a cracker with cheese, lunch like a tasty sandwich with lean meats or other products, and for dinner a delicious recipe from the recipe. Instead of snacking in between much so, you create a solid diet, and your body gets used to it.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • You probably fall off
  • The food varies little with a normal dinner

  • You're stuck on a diet
  • Not guaranteed success