Soon a tougher anti-smoking law?

Health chichislover August 14, 2016 0 0
Soon a tougher anti-smoking law?

Cigarette smoking causes each year in Europe, the death of 700,000 people. A figure that speaks for itself and made clear the need to be tougher on tobacco. Europe prepares for the summer of 2013 a new, more restrictive law.

The European Commission met today in Brussels to cure the tobacco legislation, including the new version should be created in the summer of 2013.

Among the various tightening measures, there are three very symbolic. What are they ?

  • The most important is to cover 75% of cigarette packs by messages and images reflecting shock exactly the health hazards posed by smoking and its addictive dimension.
  • There is also a ban on flavored cigarettes chocolate, mint, vanilla, to cotton candy. In recent appeal greatly to young people who are new to tobacco through them and quickly become addicts.
  • The prohibition of thin cigarettes or "slim" is also envisaged. If flavored cigarettes appeal to teens, thin cigarettes are considered "elegant" by many women who see them as an accessory.

Before it comes into force next summer, this text, which is in preparation for two years, must be approved by Parliament and the Member States européenn. Of these, some find this too restrictive new law, such as Germany.

We just hope that the tobacco lobby will not win again ...