Space Travel: spectacular but expensive getaway for everyone

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Nothing is more crazy: a space trip as spectacular outing! You do not have to be more professional astronaut to make a space trip. Initiator Michiel Mol organizes this exciting but expensive experience. It costs a lot, but then you can call yourself a real astronaut. Spaceman, many children wanted to be later. Until recently, it was reserved for the few, like the famous Dutch astronaut Dr. Ockels and André Kuipers. From 2014, this dream a reality for individuals. To be precise: the richer happy few, because there hangs a spicy price tag. But you do see mother earth from space.
Entrepreneur Michiel Mol sold in 2014 aerospace company Space Expedition Corporation in the US XCOR Aerospace, where it goes by the name XCOR Space Expeditions.
In mid-2014 there are now made 300 space travel.
End 2015 start XCOR Space Expeditions with the realization of the first space travel.
Meanwhile, the concept of space travel is becoming increasingly familiar. This saves golfer Andy Sullivan at the KLM Open a ticket for a space trip.
Breaking news October 31, 2014:
Recently it became known that the only competitor XCOR: Virgin Galactic of British billionaire Richard Branson's commercial spacecraft Spaceship Two during a test flight crashed in the US state of California. On board were two pilots, whose suspicion is that one of them is deceased and the other seriously injured.


  • How space voyage goes
  • Back to Mother Earth through the atmosphere
  • The price of the ticket
  • Future astronauts
  • You preparatory training: 4G strong
  • Organisers

SXC Lynx

How space voyage goes

You leave the only participant besides the pilot from the island of Curacao. You fly in a mere 10 meter long shuttle, the Lynx. Soon you go straight up toward space. Fast is an understatement, because within one minute you go through the sound barrier, and two minutes later you reach a speed of 4000 km / h. After 4 minutes, the Lynx has reached a height of more than 100 kilometers from Earth.
Then, the motor may consist of. The missile has been brought into sun position that you see the earth several levels above you. What remains is a weightless journey of 4-6 minutes in space. Above you can see through the transparent roof of the shuttle earth, where the remaining 7 million people reside. Ehm ... the earth above you? Yes, and it does not matter because you are indeed weightless. So it does not feel like 'on its head' because gravity has no effect on your body. Unfortunately, you can only briefly enjoy the view, because the shuttle is not flying high enough to get into orbit around the earth and therefore must continue to fly, and that's costly.
Hundreds of kilometers away from Earth, which seems very far. But the moon is still quite a bit further away: 385 000 kilometers. Fortunately, you may consider yourself after this space journey called al astronaut, because you've been at 100 kilometers from the earth, and that is the rule to be called an astronaut.
Space Travel in scheme

Back to Mother Earth through the atmosphere

After the short but wonderful flight, the pilot controls the shuttle back to earth and given the gravity regain control over the Lynx. He is pulled down, and "falls" through the atmosphere: a thin layer, but a crucial layer. Yet there it is often wrong, too hot and burning and stuff? That's right, but that this flight does not apply. We travel with a mere 4000 km / h and do not suffer from dangerous heat buildup when we pass the atmosphere. The space shuttle was previously known or heat shields, but also a staggering 22 000 km / h. The Lynx is passing the atmosphere so no problem.

The price of the ticket

What are you still to be an astronaut? Well, a ticket is pricey, that's a fact. For a ticket you put $ 95,000 down, converted that -depending on the exchange rate between 70,000 and 75,000 euros.

Future astronauts

In 2011 the ticket sale has started. At the time of writing there are already sold about 60 cards, most beyond the Dutch borders. Few lucky ones with a ticket be a model and actress Doutzen Kroes, DJ Armin van Buuren, Erica Terpstra and MartinAir-man Martin Schröder.

You preparatory training: 4G strong

Create a space journey, you do not just happen. The speed of the Lynx had to endure your body adequate forces: the so-called G-forces. Upon returning to earth example is pulled your body with a force four times your own body weight. On earth is 1G: 1x your body weight. Shortly before you were still weightless, so 0G. Those are significant differences. To try and get used to the differences they can not make space travel as influence that you can not enjoy it, you get some training beforehand. Just like real astronauts go into a simulator. A flight with a jet is on the training program. At the moment it flies straight up, this subject your body to similar forces and differences when your body is going to experience in the Lynx. A good preparation so.


Michiel Mol is one of the partners of space travel agency Space Expedition Curacao, short SXC called. Michiel is a known initiator of eg multimedia company Lost Boys and Spyker Cars. The idea to make space travel possible for individuals came from his partner Harry van Hulten, former F16 pilot. He is among others SXC test pilot of the Lynx. KLM is one of the main partners.
And, you become one of the astronauts?