Spaghetti: homemade sauce or a jar?

Nutrition drewsen August 8, 2016 0 2
Spaghetti, you can easily fix by using a jar of ready-made pasta sauce. With a 15 minute or have the court or on the table. Much better is it if you have the spaghetti sauce is readying itself. Moreover, to spaghetti sauce in jars is added a lot of sugar, which is not very healthy. The recipe below is a guide to making delicious pasta sauce. Ingredients used can be changed at their discretion. Things may be omitted or may be added properly. The herbs can be used to your own taste too.

The ingredients

  • 2 Bouillon cubes
  • Water
  • 500 gr. Lean ground beef
  • Italian chopped herbs
  • Flower
  •  butter or olive oil
  • Can tomato puree
  • Tomatoes, for example pomedori or tomatoes.
  • 500 gr. soup vegetables
  • One yellow, one green and one red pepper
  • Garlic cloves
  • Basil
  • curry

The preparations

Fill two fairly large pots with water and add to each pan to a cube of meat broth. Bring to the boil. Meanwhile, you knead the meat, after you first a bag of chopped Italian herbs have been added. Of chopped make small meatballs. When the broth boils you add the meatballs in a pan. While the balls are engaged to be cooked, cut the three peppers into small cubes. The diced pepper and soup vegetables are now divided between the two pans. While everything nice is simmering, you cut the tomatoes into pieces. These are meant to make the sauce.

 Preparation of the sauce

In a large pot, preferably so great that soon everything will fit inside, you heat, over low heat, butter or olive oil, or a mixture thereof. Stir in enough flour through that there is a smooth paste, which no lumps in it. Stir the contents of the can of tomato puree and stir until the nice smooth. From the pan with the meatballs, which already have a moment revoke the broth, add as much broth until there arose a nice smooth sauce. Here you can add the chopped tomatoes and cook for them, with constant stirring, disintegrate into puree. Now you can add to taste even crushed garlic cloves and possibly curry. You let the sauce simmer until all tomatoes have fallen apart.

Cook the spaghetti

In the second pan with broth and vegetables you cook it for a minute or 8 to 9 spaghetti. When the spaghetti is cooked, pour it in a colander and put it through the homemade tomato sauce. Repeat with the other contents of the pan and after everything together stirring the dish is ready. Because of the many carvings and turning meat balls you're about 45 minutes with this preparation process.

Something there?

Who spaghetti only to find bare, there may still cucumber slices to serve or prepare a tasty salad. In principle, there is already plenty of vegetables through the spaghetti to make a full meal to be.

Spaghetti with the aid of a jar

Put a pan of water and cook in a casserole meanwhile mince. When the meat is cooked, add the contents of a jar of ready-made pasta sauce and let it cook through. There are jars of different brands for sale, how long the sauce should warm it is always mentioned. Meanwhile you have boiling water in the pan cooked spaghetti. After draining you do everything together and finished it. This method of preparation will not be much need for more than 15 minutes.
If I and my whole family gets to choose then the self-cooked sauce.