Spanish wedding traditions

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A marriage according to Spanish traditions does not differ very much from a Dutch wedding. Only in Spain they use for example; the bride siesta, the cut piece of the garter and cut the cake with a sword.

The guests

A Spanish wedding is celebrated. There are very many guests invited, family, friends, acquaintances and distant acquaintances, everyone is of the party. And not only for the party but everyone was also present during the ceremony and the banquet. Most people also give a sum of money as a gift, usually a substantial amount of money this because they take into account the cost of the food.

The ceremony

A devout Spanish couple married in the church and is therefore officially married before the law. If they do not want to get married in the church, one unit is married to court.

The wedding cake

The wedding cake is usually a large cake of more than three floors, decorated with stars. These are lit, the lights are dimmed and sounds roll music in the background. The bride and groom cutting the cake together with a real sword.

The garter

The lace garter by the friends of the bride in a lot of pieces cut and placed on a scale. Hiemee they're female guests around and sell the pieces garter. The men do the same with the tie of the groom. This leads to huge laughter and the mood moves in.
After the banquet and the sales ritual there is plenty of music played in the restaurant. Danced and partied there.
The bridal bouquet is gegoooid to unmarried women, as in many countries, of course, is a habit. And around seven o'clock everyone goes home. Siesta time.

The siesta

It used naturally during the siesta the first matrimonial place just like our wedding night. But times have changed in Spain.
By midnight the couple usually goes to a nightclub with some friends and family. Sometimes the nightclub is even hired.