Special Care for Red Hair

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Exotic and seductive, red is one of the most popular colors of hair. But they are more difficult to maintain, especially if they are obtained through the dye.

The dye fades very quickly, within three weeks after application. If you do not have natural red hair, we should think very carefully before taking this color. There are still many ways to prolong their vividness: using the right products, specially designed for the red, the hair will be shiny and healthy for a long time.

The natural red hair are very rare and are found only on 4% of the world population. Most people with red hair lies in Western Europe, especially in England, Scotland and Ireland. The red color is caused by a recessive gene, so redheads are inherited from both parents.

Typically, people with red hair have a thin skin, sensitive to sunlight, often with freckles. Red hair is thicker hair blond or brown, but they are more sensitive and will deteriorate quickly.

Red hair: How to keep

Red hair is very sensitive and lose their shine very quickly. It is recommended to avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight. Beach, cover more hair with a scarf and use shampoos made from henna to keep them shiny and hydrated. Use hair products with SPF and do not forget to apply a weekly mask.

Red hair dries very quickly and are prone to breakage, so you should use of moisturizing products. Experiment moisturizing products for hair which do not require rinsing. More let act a balm on the hair, the brightest and will retain their color for a longer period.

To keep the color, you can also use natural preparations, such as blueberries, currants, onion skin or calendula. Moreover, again for this purpose, using shampoos and dyes, for special red hair.

Red hair be dyed every two months. Always go to a specialist who hairdresser choose the right shade for you and cut regularly to prevent split ends.

Use oil-based treatments of chestnuts, which accentuate the reddish highlights.