'Spontane' Cure for cancer

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300 years ago, in the early 18th century, doctors found that cancer often passed after a fever attack. In that time hardly for cancer but was regularly reported spontaneous healing. That still happens gradually attack and scientists in the dark as to why. People who have undergone several cycles of chemotherapy and radiation therapies are not handled at any given time. Then it turns out, often after a brief fever attack, the patient heals spontaneously.


  • People recover without treatment method
  • Dr. Rohdenburg, fever against cancer
  • Children with leukemia heal spontaneously
  • Cured by a fever period
  • More evidence of fever and cancer
  • Heating kills cancer cells
  • Fever is healing
  • Too little explored

People recover without treatment method

Oncologists can not accept that someone heals spontaneously. They speak in such cases of coincidence or maybe we had made a misdiagnosis. Spontaneous healing occurs frequently. Sometimes someone refuses treatment with chemotherapy or radiation and heals this person spontaneously. Researchers are not lining up to do research on this phenomenon, and it is extremely interesting matter.

Dr. Rohdenburg, fever against cancer

In 1918 did Dr. G. Rohdenburg a meta-analysis of several cases of spontaneous healing, which also is called spontaneous regression. He studied and analyzed a total of 302 cases of spontaneous regression. He noted that began the healing process in the majority of cases, after a period of fever which seems to occur for no apparent reason. Sometimes, the post-operative fever was mentioned, in cases where there was tried in vain to remove a tumor from the body. The fever period held several days unabated. The fever period often accompanied with erysipelas, a bacterial skin disease caused by streptococci. There were also cases of smallpox, pneumonia, malaria and acute tuberculosis. After the fever period the cancer had almost disappeared and the patient would be cured in a short time and go home.

Children with leukemia heal spontaneously

In 80% of cases of spontaneous remissions in children with leukemia, there was a long-day fever period prior to the healing process. Half went along with erysipelas, like Rohdenburg had been fixed. Professor Hobohm believes that when the fevers are not treated, the effect against cancer is the most effective.

Cured by a fever period

The'spontane' healing is less spontaneous than previously thought. It appears that fever is a lot to do with it. Fever as a prelude to the healing of cancer already observed in the early 18th century. Professor W. Busch decided to test the data by developing a therapy. He showed cancer patients will have fever and saw that thus indeed cured cancer. He people infected with the bacterium streptococcus pyogenes, which leads to erysipelas. Then the cancer disappeared completely. William Coley has improved this gene stach technique. He was employed by the New York Cancer Hospital.
His interest in this phenomenon began when someone in the final stages of throat cancer suddenly got erysipelas after the cancer disappeared completely. Coley developed a mixture,'Coley's toxines' called, which contained the bacteria Streptococcus pyogenes and Serratia marcescens. He healed many people with it. The pharmaceutical industry has made in imitation of Coley kinds of fever-inducing drugs. Bayer had at a given moment created a vaccine that was called MBV. It was never properly tested because the people on whom it was tested chemotherapy also was released, what the effect of fever stimulants defeats.

More evidence of fever and cancer

Another study showed that the absence of infections that lead to fever of at least 38.5 degrees Celsius leads to a greater risk of cancer. This fact fully consistent with the facts and shows that besides curing fever also can act preventively against cancer. In a meta-Italian study in 1960 showed that every 2% decrease in infections to 2% increase of getting cancer led.

Heating kills cancer cells

Extreme heat is found to kill cancer cells. When the body has a fever of 42 or 43 degrees, the cancer cells will die, but normal cells remain alive. It could be that this has something to do with the immune system. It is as if a latent ability of the immune system comes into play during extreme heat.

Fever is healing

Fever, according to many physicians nature is not something that should be fought. It is the natural response of a body. After a fever you can again feel quite as'gelouterd'. Leave Pathogenic substances during a fever period the body. The body responds by means of fevers to drive off diseases. Interrupting this cold period by drugs, as is common in conventional medicine, is counterproductive. Fevers are among the physical mechanisms of the body to heal itself.

Too little explored

Spontaneous regression or regression by fever is hardly investigated by the pharmaceutical industry. This is mainly because they have no interest in it. To put it loud: the industry is not seeking healing methods but to find ways to sell drugs. The least tens of thousands of cases of spontaneous regression be ignored for convenience. It may be that the actual number of spontaneous regression is much higher because doctors do not always cure attributed to spontaneous regression; sometimes they think that the radiation therapy as a few months time needed to work. It is the question of whether the setting of the pharmaceutical industry once to a solution leads to the problem of cancer; maybe this solution will come from alternative angle, or a single doctor who pay attention and introspection is going to do.