Sportpaleis Antwerpen: address, directions and parking

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Have at Sportpaleis in Antwerp occurred over the years many top artists. The Sportpaleis in Belgium is a leading concert and events hall. Would you visit Sportpaleis Antwerpen? Learn all about this location such as address, contact information, directions and accessibility by car and public transport, where to park, and so on.

Sportpaleis Antwerpen

The Sportpaleis in Antwerp is one of the most famous events and concert halls of Belgium. Over the years, there are numerous concerts, fairs, sporting events and festivals. The hall has been in use since 1932 and served primarily as a gymnasium for sports such as track cycling. Today the focus has shifted to more events and concerts. The maximum capacity of the arena is 18 400 visitors.

Lotto Arena

Who talks nowadays about the Sportpaleis says in one breath too Lotto Arena. The event hall was founded in 2007 and can accommodate up to 5,000 visitors at sports events and more than 8,000 visitors during concerts. The Lotto Arena is an extension of the Sports and ensures that multiple events can take place simultaneously.

Address and contact

The address and contact details of Sportpaleis Antwerp are:
  • Address: Schijnpoortweg 119, 2170 Merksem
  • Phone: +3234004040
  • E-mail: info Sports Palace is located in the district Merksem. The event hall is accessible in several ways but is known as difficult to reach.

    Location Sportpaleis Antwerpen

    Auto route

    The Sports Palace is located on the Antwerp ring road. This allows the concert hall can be achieved from different directions. The section of the Antwerp ring road where the Arena is located on the E19. The Sportpaleis is accessible from the north via exit 1. From other directions via exit 2. Hold with major events taking large crowds! There is soon identify congestion, even on the Ring.


    There are close to the Sports Palace several parking lots:
    • Parking at Eekhove: right at exit 2
    • Parking Vaart beside the Sports Palace on the Schijnpoortweg
    • Parking Sports: right on the other side of the Antwerp ring road, wedged between the Antwerp ring road and the water of the Lobroekdok
    • Slaughterhouse Parking: parking lot on the other side of the Antwerp Ring at Slachthuislaan
    • Parking Slachthuislaan: on the other side of the Antwerp Ring Road on both sides of the Slachthuislaan
    • Parking Noordersingel: on the other side of the Antwerp Ring Road on both sides of the Noordersingel
    • North Parking: on the opposite side of the Albert Canal

    Especially at Eekhove Parking, Parking Vaart and Parking Sport are located close to the Sportpaleis. The costs for parking are ?? 5, - per parking. Consider parking at major events.

    Public transport

    The nearest railway station Antwerp-Luchtbal. However, this railway station is located at a considerable distance. The Antwerp Central Station is located at a great distance. However, there are many tram ride from Antwerp Central Station to the Sportpaleis. By tram you put this distance in 10 minutes. Can be chosen for lines 2, 3 and 6 which stop at the pre-metro station Sport. Trams 5 and 12 stop aboveground. Through the tram are the P + R parking lots on the outskirts of the city accessible. This way you avoid big crowds and high parking fees. Who wants to travel by bus can use Deurne Sportpaleis bus stop which is situated near the entrance.