Sports: intensive and relax

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Most people know sports as effort, which ultimately is a piece of entertainment, but not many people really be completely calm about it. A new combination that seems to change in to. An example of a session that you can put in guided or self. Some gyms are already doing and there are positive noises from. You have to keep it up, because if you own this kind of sports is starting to really come to your fibers penetrate. For some people in this group is also a good option.

Design training

Substitution the effort with the relaxation, where the effort begins with the heating of the body. The warm up consists of dribbling for about 5 minutes with exercises for the arms, legs and hips. If you think your body is not warm enough, you can take a minute or so on. It is important that your body feels nice and smooth, before doing an intense workout.
Start after warming up with you on a treadmill or just the place to walk about 10 minutes at a reasonable pace. Take a quiet music with a tune in the pace of walking, makes walking easier. After those 10 minutes, you walk a minute or so quietly until you're standing still. This session, you may apply it 2x during a workout. You then proceed to a relaxing moment.
The next intensive session is to lie down and then from the legs straight on the floor with your back straight rise. If all goes well you feel it in the abs. Do this exercise as ?? s 50 times in a continuous pace. Can possibly also with music, then you go quiet after lying position and begin your relaxation.
Do you have a rowing machine, go rowing for about 10 minutes at a pace continue, with good music, no device you can incidentally also just the movement on the ground. Build the first minute at a pace that you are holding the rest of the time and then release within a minute or so everything will be calm again. And you go on a relaxing moment.
Another intensive moment are the weights. Lift weights of from 2 to 2.5 in kilos. Do not have weights, but do your example at home, take something else you can easily grab the hands and what represented the same weight. Apply for a seven-odd minutes, the weights in front of you with your arms straight and lift up and lower it again. After this exercise, putting arms relaxed by vigorously shaking them loose. Then go back over to the relaxing moment.
The relaxed moments consist of complete relaxation by lying on the back. Legs slightly apart and arms stretched out of the body. Concentrate on your breathing and let all thoughts behind you, you feel the tension slip out of your body. Make sure you do this about 5 minutes can last.
A relaxed moment is also quietly sit on the floor with your legs loosely for you. You can sit cross-legged or you put your legs straight in front of you. Concentrate again on your breathing and let the breath give a slight noise when the empty air leaving your body. Again about 5 minutes until you have no more thoughts.
Relaxation you get by doing some light yoga exercises. Lie down and put your bent legs to the right and head to the left. On an inhalation turn everything just the other side halfway and exhale. Just hold this attitude, you feel like your muscles properly, and then run again.


Such training takes a total of roughly 40 to 50 minutes. Always close to the relaxation. Do this three to four times a week and you will besides better fitness and body look smoother improve your focus / concentration. Also good before you go to sleep.