Start cycling

Sport Mello22 July 25, 2016 0 14
The Tour de France has been newly and you have followed on television. Then do it starts to tickle. I will even start cycling? Read all information about the start cycling.

Why cycling?

Ask yourself the question. Why would I go cycling? Perhaps you want to build your fitness or maybe you can just hang out. Cycling is a very free sport, you're not limited to certain times and lessons. You can cycling along or just alone. You can also choose to join a union, but not every town has an association for cyclists.

What do I need?

For cycling, you obviously need a bike. There are many different bikes. Different materials, sizes and prices. It is best to start with a second hand bike. Before you go looking for a bike you must figure out what frame size you need. Often you can find it on the internet. The right frame size is very important! If your bike is too big, you can not reach the pedals and do you also have problems with your back. Furthermore, you should also ask yourself what kind of bike you want. Maybe you want a very light bike, entirely made of carbon. Or maybe you prefer a simpler cycle of aluminum and low gears. The price of a new racing bike soon begins at 800 euros. There are of course cheaper bikes, but a good bicycle is still rather expensive. Used bikes can often get for around 400 euros.
Bicycle clothing
Apart from a bike clothing is also very important. You can not just go in your jeans and shirt cycling. For cycling, there is special clothing. At a bike shop selling them often cycling wear, but you can find just the Internet. A bicycle shorts is often very tight and there is a piece of chamois. This is to protect and comfort. The custom shirts have pockets on the back, for example, here you can eat or drink in lost. There are different types of shirts and pants, for example, long pants for winter and shorts for the summer. The clothes can be as expensive as you want. Pants often costs around 50 euros and a good shirt around 60 to 70 euros.
Safety of course is paramount and that is why you need to purchase an approved helmet. Bicycle helmets are available in various designs, colors and sizes. The more there are ventilation holes in the helmet, the more expensive the helmet. Note that the helmet should be approved. It is advisable to cut back here especially. A good helmet you have been for 60 euros.
Cycling Shoes
Cyclists also use special shoes, namely with a click system. For this, you also need special klikpedaaltje on your bike. With the click system, you can snap your shoes on the pedals, it allows you to perform in a better way force on the pedals. For example you can 'draw' the trappers and easy saddle. Keep in mind that you have your shoes on time disengages when you have to stop somewhere, otherwise you fall over. These shoes are often around 100 euros. Note that you love cycling shoes often must take a bigger shoe size.
Other requirements
Of course there are other things you need. For example, a bell on your bike. So you can buy a bottle cage, water bottle, bike computer and bike bag. These things are highly advisable. These are not expensive things, but you can always make it more expensive. A bicycle saddle bag for you is very convenient, here you can do a tube, for if you make the move gets a flat tire. What is also very convenient to carry, is a special pump. These can be easily attached next to your water bottle and you're here not bother while cycling.

Start cycling

If you have purchased all the supplies you naturally start cycling. Note that you slow down and not start right away completely overexert yourself. First bike at an easy pace shorter pieces, you can later expand and long distance cycling. You always have to get used to the new bike and in the beginning you will get a lot of experience saddle pain and muscle aches.
It is very convenient to keep your cycled routes with a cycling computer or even better with Endomondo. More information about Endomondo can be found here: Endomondo Sports Tracker