Start to Bike: Start with bicycles

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That Dutch and Flemish are bike people is well known. Cycling is in our blood. Would you also like to get your iron horse from the stable, but your condition is not top? With Start to Bike, you can boost your bike workout at 10 weeks and so to the 100 kilometers.


Does the bike microbe also get you? Cycling requires an effort, but at the same time relaxing. Do you want a responsible and healthy way sports? Want to know what a proper riding position? How can you control your breathing? Which stretches should you do? What is a good bike? You learn it all in the program from Start to Bike.

What is Start to Bike

With proposed training ?? s you can in 10 weeks to build up your fitness to cycle 50km or 100km. You train three times a week
50km cycling:
Your first training begins with 10km bike, 15 minutes of rest and then back 10km bike. Each workout is an alternation of several kilometers of cycling and rest or a few minute bike ride with rest breaks. You build up the time you cycle on through the various weeks. The ultimate goal is to cycle 50km after 10 weeks, which takes an average of 2.5 to 3 hours.
The full program can be found 50km to 50km cycling.
100km cycling:
Do you already have some riding experience or have completed the program successfully 50km, then you can train for 100km cycling.
Your first training begins with 20km bike, 15 minutes of rest and again 15km cycling. At the end of week four you been to 50km. Then averaged 10km comes every week so that you can handle after 10 weeks of 100km, which corresponds to about 5 hours of cycling.
The full program can be found 100km bike at 100km.

Tips for cycling

  • Ensure proper riding position: Adjust the height of your saddle and handlebars
  • Use the first few weeks the same gear
  • Stretch and drink enough during the breaks
  • Are you too tired: then take an extra day of rest in between
  • Bring a healthy snack when you're making a long drive
  • Please always repair material with a flat tire
  • When the weather is bad you can replace your workout through the same training on the exercise bike or one-hour workout.
  • Do you have a workout with no rest: keep the same pace.
  • In recent weeks, it's a good idea to find or switching to heavier gears a hillier course
  • Bike safety: wear a fluorescent vest and helmet