Start your own webshop

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An own shop started is so done. But there is a difference between an online hobby shop and a real Internet business. Do you want to start a webshop, but you do not know so well how to get started? Below you can find all information about starting an online shop, where you have to think at all and how you can shop into a success.

Step one: what will you sell?

In one shop shop is totally different than shopping in a regular store. There you can touch things, pick up and fit. In one shop you can only retrieve information from a photo and a description and therefore it is important to choose a product as a budding entrepreneur you can easily sell over the web. Children's toys you sell easier than swimwear. This is because you prefer lots of people bathing suits must first fit and therefore go there for a real store.
Also think about how you are going to buy the products. For example, you can arrive easy? How much you save it from within? Do I have enough space to store the products? A large stock means faster delivery time, but you must run the risk of being stuck with the stuff.

Step 2: How are you going to call your shop?

The name of your shop is very important. It is your billboard and it determines your findability via search engines. Therefore, make sure that your chosen name is unique. The name of your shop you process in the web address of your site. If the name of your shop 'Chantal's gardening', then this example: Register your domain name and then find a suitable shop for you from hosting.

Step 3: Build your package

There are a number of shop hosting providers where you've been online allow you shop for little money. You get a standard design, easy online software and a subscription program. You can also choose to create their own unique shop. You have a nice design, a corporate identity and a CMS system is needed. With the CMS you manage your shop and you decide what to see for the prospective buyers. Another solution for a beautiful and well designed web shop, is enabling a profesional office.

Step 4: Provide sales where

Consider where your articles are going to buy. You go to a wholesaler where other retailers also buy their stuff, or are you looking for more exclusive articles? It's good to have a mixed assortment, such as a combination of things that are very special and stuff that people everywhere can purchase and have a quick mind when you order digital checkout.

Step 5: Make your articles attractive

Care for beautiful and clear images of the products by selling you. Instead there is a good and comprehensive description to your clients and incentive thereby enticing texts like: 'this hip and durable bench, thanks to the sleek design a centerpiece in any garden. Also create a page with your company information and care this information properly. This give people the confidence that your shopping is serious and reliable.

Step 6: Promotion

Now your shop ready and you can start with a lot of noise. Create a Hyves page, a Facebook page and a Twitter account to. Let all of your digital networks know that your shop is open from today. Additionally, it is smart to invest in promotion. You can sign, for example, google adwords. If you ensure that you will be well found in the major search engine. You can also advertise on sites that focus on your market. If you have no time for self promoting your site, you can also turn on a PR agency. They help you than to online and offline promotion.


Finally, there are some things you should consider when you start a shop.
  • Keep in mind that your shop is open 24 hours a day. Order also occur at night or during your holiday in. So you must ensure that your orders are always handled properly.
  • About your earnings you have to pay taxes. The tax will check strictly on the merits of shops. So make sure that you keep track good earnings.
  • Register with the Chamber of Commerce. In many places where you can buy your items in, as you need a Chamber of Koophandel- number.
  • Make sure you are aware of the regulatory requirements for merchants.