StatCounter Free: best invisible counter for website

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StatCounter is the best invisible Free counter for your website. Most free counters are not invisible process in a website. A logo or banner on your website placed where your statistics and data are also visible to any visitor to your website. StatCounter is changing that: free and invisible.


StatCounter is a reliable free webcounter that process invisible to your website. There are many providers in the field of web statistics, most of whom connect some important conditions to the product. Most give free counters after installing the code, a logo or banner on your website. If the visitors of your website on the logo or banner clicks, they are directed to the website of the provider of the counter. Also, your statistics and data publicly visible to everyone who is referred via the logo. It is not always desirable that others can view your statistics. Most providers of web beacons, demand financial compensation for a version without a logo or banner. Statcounter is reliable, free and invisible.
Per account to create multiple projects. One project = one website. With a single account to manage all your websites and analyze.
Get started with stat counter StatCounter
  • Registering an account
  • A project create
  • Install code in your website
  • Analyze your statistics

  • Registering an account
    Enter account details:
    • User name
    • Enamel
    • Password
    • Password

    Fill in personal details:
    • Name
    • Surname
    • Country
    • Date
    • Time
    • Bottom: Check the box to "accept terms and conditions.

    Click "register my account '. Account is registered.
    A project create
    • Click "Create a stat counter project.
    • Option 1
    • Click 'Next'

    Please fill in:
    • Title Website
    • Url website
    • Category

    Timezone, visit max length & logsize are basically good.
    • Block IP numbers: If some IP numbers are not to be included in statistics, please enter it here.
    • Hold the box 'public statistics' blank to analyze invisible.
    Click 'next'.
    The project has now been created.
    Install code on your website
    Click configure and install code '
    • Check the 2nd option: Invisible counter.
    • Click 'next'.
    • Check 'no I want the default install guide' to.
    • Click 'next'.

    Now the installation code appears in the box. Select the entire code and press Ctrl C. The code is copied now. You must paste this code into the source of your website after tag and before the tag.

    Analyzing statistics

    Go to StatCounter and submitting links on the page, the login credentials: username and password.
    • You will see your project listed, to the right is the number of visitors of today, yesterday, this month and the total number of visitors to your website so far.
    • Under 'Project name' in the name of the project that you have installed.
    • You will see the number of page loads, the number of unique visitors and returning visitors.
    • In the left column of the page appear different links to the various statistics that relate to your website.
    • Now you can through the various links in the left column, view the various statistics.
    • For example, click on 'Recent Pageload Activity.
    • You will see a summary that includes information from those who have visited your website. Such as IP number, city and country, but sometimes business names and other information that may be important to analyze the data from your website visitors.
    • Click also agree on other links in the upper half of the left-hand column to view statistics.

    Invisible & free hit counter for your website

    You can now view and analyze the many statistics regarding visitors to your website. StatCounter is free, invisible, comprehensive and reliable. The total stat counter makes the best free webcounter.
    Try it now free itself!