Stiff Cup at school

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For many, this first part from the Stiff Cup series is also the first introduction to the adventures of this stubborn German teenager. The theme is reminiscent of the current time, and whether parents are not easy to make from the education of their children to shift partly on education. It is certain that Stiff Cup as a compliant version of himself ?? after spending a year at boarding school ?? returned home.

Who Stiff Cup?

Stiff Cup is the nickname of the fifteen year old German girl Ilse Mackett that after the death of her mother raised by her father. He spoils her beyond measure, with the result that his daughter is nobody leaves anything to say. But her father remarried and his new wife refuses to obey the tyrant, uneducated boys behavior of her stepdaughter down. At her insistence Ilse a year sent to boarding school, to be there to be transformed into a lady and groomed for marriage. The first part of the four-part series is therefore called Stiff Cup at school.

Stiff cup on school - Der Trotzkopf

The headmistress of the boarding school holds stiff Cup recently, so it comes to an inevitable clash between them. When Ilse therefore school is likely to be sent, her favorite teacher tells about a girl who has lost her fiancé by her spoiled ways, after which she never managed to get the man. The story makes a deep impression and helps Ilse to work on her behavior. The friendships with a few other schoolgirls, including the English orphan Nellie, have a beneficial effect on her behavior. Slowly but surely Stiff Cup slightly more compliant and more restrained, making them increasingly meets the requirements to be met by a lady. In addition, she becomes skilled in sewing, knitting, drawing and dancing, and she nurses a sick friend from school.
After her school Ilse tamed goes back home. During the trip, she meets Leo Gontrau, with whom it clicks immediately. Once home, the family appears enriched with the birth of a brother and Ilse met her Uncle Kurt. He turns to his ex-fiancée's favorite teacher, who Ilse has made her own life as an example. Fortunately, the well between the two, so that the teacher can quit her job. Also her compliant boarding school friend Nellie finds a husband, so she does not need to work as a governess. In Rigid Cups eyes it is a horror that women who can not find a spouse must provide for their own maintenance.
The book ends with the engagement of Ilse and Leo.

Brainchild of author Emmy von Rhoden

Der Trotzkopf ?? Stiff Cup at school ?? is the brainchild of the German author Emmy von Rhoden, pseudonym of Emilie Friedrich Kühne. Born as the daughter of the wealthy East German banker Kühne she lives in the course of her life in various East German cities. When she was twenty, she married the writer and journalist Friedrich Friedrich. The couple have two children, whose daughter Else model for stiff cup Ilse. The author based this on Else ?? s diary entries during her stay at boarding school.
The year of issue is unclear. The first edition appeared in 1883 or at the end of Emmy ?? s life or shortly after her death in 1885. In any case, the book was an immediate success in both countries. Several authors too, responded with its own imitation of the book.
The literary work of Emmy von Rhoden partly consists of stories for adults, which were published in magazines. She wrote two children's books in 1883 ?? Das Musikanten Child and Lenchen Braun ?? Both also educational responsibility, but less successful than rigid Cup.


Although Stiff Cup now as a typical girl book is considered, at the time it was seen as a novel for young adult women, teenage girls ?? ??. The fictional character Stiff Cup has become a household; the diminutive for stijfkop clearly indicates that there's a woman involved. This fits somewhat disparaging to the female image from the period in which the book was written. Even though it appeared around the first wave of feminism, the role of women in the book is preferably traditional. When Stiff Cup is headstrong, she is put in her place by the author. A lively character ?? if necessary with some temperament ?? is tolerated, but a girl has to control himself still mainly.
The ideas of the book may today put on quite old-fashioned, yet Stiff Cup is still popular. Especially in Germany may be found many fans. There is the series in 1983 also filmed as a TV series, which is still regularly aired. The latest book edition of 2005 is in German; also the TV series has since been released on DVD. In the Netherlands, the book is only available in used.