Stop SMS subscription

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Everyone knows them, the oh-so cute commercials on TV where you can buy a ringtone of a cute animated character. Or where you can check what your horoscope, funny jokes get sent via SMS, etc. In all these text messages you're stuck with a subscription. Sometimes it is very difficult to get rid of this SMS service, but it is certainly possible.

SMS Subscription

Nowadays you see more and more advertising which you can SMS to a number and thus can participate in contests, or to download ringtones, etc. Many of these SMS services associated with a subscription, it is usually mentioned in the small print but the letters are so small that you almost can not read, and easily overlooked sees because it does not really stand out. Often in these little letters also mentioned the necessary unsubscribe code, which you can unsubscribe from the SMS service again. But because that is often overlooked is sometimes difficult to unsubscribe from these services again. Sometimes you will get huge phone bill that you did not have an interest in.
Many providers have an easy codeword to deregister them as stop or stop keyword. But there are providers who have a code word that you do not just leave. Therefore, there is a list made it on the internet where you can find these code words to unsubscribe from your subscription.

SMS Subscription stop

As ConsuWijzer describes, there are two types of SMS services
  • Off SMS services: you use this service once.
  • Subscription services: you use this service for a long time.

There are several websites where you set up the codes to get off to find the SMS subscription, these websites are quite similar and, I believe, use the same source. The websites that you can visit:

These websites can all go like this work, you type in a search keyword, and then comes a list appear where you can select from. In the search function you can enter the provider's number like 4050 or the keyword that is used to log the SMS service. By using more key words will be searched can be more specific. The database in which searched contain almost all SMS services in the Netherlands. If you think the right provider with the action to be found here can be clicked on, you will see a list of what data and this data is also listed among the code word with which you can unsubscribe from your subscription. This will cost you usually still back a few pennies but then you lost it.

SMS Filter

If you once stuck at `s SMS subscription cost you usually lots of money, you can in advance to secure your phone with the SMS services. Prevention is better than cure. Therefore, there is by SMS Code of Conduct Foundation created a filter which makes it no longer possible for these providers to send an SMS, and so are you will not get stuck in an SMS subscription. Also can sign your minor child for this filter, so they do not get stuck with these subscriptions. The website can be visited for this is:

The filter works within three days after you have activated the filter. From then get no more SMS subscription service. On this filter are all connected one-time costs, registration cost you nothing else extras, but the confirmation SMS that you receive after your one-time cost 0.25 cents. And further, the use of this filter free.