Stopping alcohol

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If you're wondering if maybe you drink too much, which is often a sign on the wall. Drinking too much may have a number of reasons or causes, but the outcome is often the same. You have a problem with alcohol, and you would like from there.

The preparation

It may be that you already have some time feel that you have a drinking problem. You will always find an excuse for yourself, why you've been drinking too much again. It may be that you drink every day, or you're going to be out a few times a week. If you routinely drink too much, you know you have a problem. People often drink because it's unpleasant feelings weakens or unpleasant thoughts blurs. So the drink can be felt as a "friend" who makes life less difficult or tedious. If those around you maybe comment on your drinking, it may be that you secretly going to drink. Or if you need to go somewhere where you do not expect enough to drink, your home already ensures a high ground. There comes a point where it is limiting your social life. If your afternoon starts drinking, you'll appointments outside the door as much as possible in the morning schedule. And do you find appointments later in the day annoying because you can not drink.
You start to think more about stop drinking.

The decision to stop

You decide to stop suddenly can come through anything that happens. Maybe something you should have done, but could not do it, because you had too much to drink. It can also be caused by you to realize that you have put yourself really fool with too much drink. It could also be that you decide to quit, and that a date for pricking yourself. For example after the weekend, or at a time when you have very little fuss. You really have decided that you are going to stop drinking.

The first few days

The first day without a drink can feel strange, because the layout of your day is focused on drinking, and that now falls away. At times when you would normally take a drink, you suddenly get a strange feeling. Then it is important to make coffee or tea, or soft drinks, and to drink. In one way or another, put your system down with this replacement, and the feeling goes away. This will be the first day occur regularly, at times when you would normally drink. Furthermore, you will have a lot more hungry than you were used to. If you drink a lot, eat less often, because you ingest calories from alcohol. You have to pull something with a little "pit", and then coffee or cup-a-soup is helpful. The first night you will have much trouble sleeping. You do eventually falls asleep, but after a quarter scare you awake. To fall back to sleep, and wake up frightened. Yet you do not wake up exhausted, and you are not tired the next day. After three days the sleep goes a lot better, and you will sleep much better than when you drank.

Your body is recovering

After three days you will notice that you lose weight in weight, your stomach is much less developed, and your eyes regain some luster and brightness. You have much more energy, and you feel a lot fitter. Your digestion may be a few days of battle, and now begins a little too normal. It is important to drink plenty of water or tea, so you can quickly get rid of the waste. What is also needed is to take a vitamin B complex daily. And try as much as possible vegetables, fruit and other healthy things to eat. The better your body will recover.

Today I do not drink

If you are stopped, say every morning to yourself, "Today I do not drink" and give yourself a big pat on the back every night because that day has again succeeded! Also speak with you, that when you say a week not have drunk that you can buy something nice. Without alcohol, you'll never morning to ask yourself, what is now last night was again? You can just watch all the TV shows, and you can never again in the evening literally. You can plan all your appointments as you wish, because you no longer need to worry that you stink of booze. Your self-confidence grows by leaps and bounds, and you will feel better than ever. And you're really very proud of yourself as you succeed!