Store oocytes without medical reason could be permitted

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Store oocytes without medical reason could be permitted

The National College of French gynecologists and obstetricians ruled favorably to the convenience oocyte preservation.

Until now, the self-preservation of oocytes is permitted by law only bioethics of 2011 for medical reasons, including for Chemotherapy can cause infertility. From now on, it could become a "social practice".

Several arguments for oocyte preservation have been developed by gynecologists.

According to them, it comes with egg donation, the only treatment against infertility really effective after 40 years. Moreover, women are using their own genetic retain capital, which is not the case during the egg donation, which also suffers from a real shortage in France.

Another argument, and not least the men, they have the right to preserve their sperm in order to back the age of procreation. So why not women?

Recall also that this practice is already accepted in many European countries and the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology has given a favorable opinion.

A practice which raises issues

However, this practice is not intended to encourage late pregnancies, which present real risks, especially after 45 years.

A working group will set the limit up to which the reproductive age method could be used.

The CNGOF recalls that women should be informed of the fall of fertility with age and the risks involved during late pregnancy for themselves and their children.

Source: press release CNGOF, December 12, 2012.