Stress Management

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What is stress management? What is stress? How to recognize stress? What physical symptoms may be an indication that stress is in play? What makes stress dangerous? What are the benefits of stress management training? Why is stress management for employees important? What is the advantage of stress management for a company, the managers and the employees?

What is stress?

There are healthy and unhealthy stress.
By healthy stress we perform better and could someone do a lot in little time. Once the cause of this healthy stress disappears, the voltage drops and can relax both body and mind.
Is Unhealthy stress as the cause of the stress does not disappear. Body and mind will not relax, allowing the stress lasts too long and the stress prevents too much. The arc therefore remains too long tense. The pressure in the boiler reaches its peak.

How to recognize stress?

Everyone experiences stress with an uneasy feeling. People with positive stress experienced this stress as constructive, people with negative stress experienced stress destructive and debilitating. The arc is too long tense, there must be a discharge. Too much stress, there can be no discharge and the arc remains tense. Negative stress can be unhealthy for health and gives unpleasant physical symptoms.


Symptoms caused by stress are diverse. The following may be an indication of stress:
  • Tension Headache,
  • Insomnia,
  • Concentration problems,
  • Communication problems,
  • Irritability,
  • Hyperventilation,
  • Palpitations,
  • Increased heart rate,
  • Faster breathing,
  • Dry mouth,
  • Extra sweating,
  • Back pain,
  • Stomach and intestinal problems,
  • More drink and smoke,
  • Changed eating habits,
  • Changing behavior,
  • Faster colds,
  • Increased blood pressure and etc.
If you suspect that someone in the company has suffered from the above complaints: occupational health warning!


What makes stress so dangerous? Why do so many people do not recognize their own stress? Because stress has a typical pitfall: stress builds up gradually and slowly, so you do not have that daily by negative stress takes on unhealthy forms. And so you move on. Until the arch collapses. Until the boiler exploded.

What is stress management?

Everyone experiences a personal pressure. Anyone with experience stress this personal pressures as high. The pressure on the boiler is too big. There should be air escape before the boiler bursts. Stress management helps everyone to escape the air: by learning to deal with stress, anyone can learn to take the pressure off. By drawing up an action plan, everyone learns to deal with stress. Recognize stress is hereby also of great importance. Stress Management provides assistance and support during stress. Stress management is learning an effective approach in dealing with negative stress, and stress causes.


Why is stress management so important? Stress can be very dangerous to health: very slowly crawls the stress monster higher and higher. That goes so slowly that most people do not realize that more pressure in the boiler is too high for too long. Slowly, more and more physical symptoms developed
complaints that not everyone realizes that his stress symptoms. Continue to walk with stress, with too much stress can eventually lead to a burnout! Learning to deal with stress and workload, and stress early recognition and treatment of stress management, is really important! There are too many people on sick leave due to stress. Stress is disease number 1. Prevention is better than cure.

Out of balance

Many people are struggling to keep all the balls up in the air, causing the balance work and private life falling apart. Stress Management supports anyone who wants to have more balance and needs in his life.

What can we do?

What can we do about stress? Try mind and body through stress management to get in balance by:
  • Eat healthier,
  • More and more exercise,
  • Relax!
  • Social contacts are an additional support during a period of great stress,
  • Laugh!
  • Follow the advice of the doctor,
  • Follow the advice of the medical officer,
  • Follow the action plan of the training stress management.


Large Dutch companies and enterprises are beginning to see the benefit of stress management training. Their employees and managers receive stress management training at work. The big advantage is that stress management for all their staff accessible. By learning to cope better with stress and a heavy workload, will reduce absenteeism caused by stress.
Not all companies see the advantage to follow their managers to have a stress management training. There are many different stress training, the difference is in the length, location and level. The extent of the health problems of employees caused by stress and the assistance offered by companies in the form of stress management is still quite unbalanced.


The establishment of stress management training has great benefits for the employees: the benefits are obvious. Training can be used depending on the:
  • Target audience,
  • Level and
  • Specific source of stress.
Trainings may include:
  • Information,
  • Techniques
  • Skills and out
  • Personal advice.
The benefits of stress management training are:
  • Work climate improves,
  • Lower absenteeism,
  • Beneficial effect on the number of disability benefit,
  • Managers are better able to provide social support to the employees.