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Studying in Sweden. More and more students focus on Sweden to study. Unlike the Netherlands, Sweden continues to focus on strong knowledge economy. Part of this is that higher education is free. Since we are EU citizens, we too can attend a free Bachelor or Master in Sweden. Besides that no tuition fees have to be paid, education is also of a very high level. Here are all the advantages and disadvantages of studying in Sweden in a row.

Free study in Sweden

As in the other countries of the Far North is free education a cornerstone of Swedish society. Despite the presence of natural resources, Sweden has always attached great importance to building a knowledge economy. In his own words, it is a country built on people. Hence, free study an integrated element in the Swedish culture. And we, as citizens of another EU Member State can get their share of it. We may also without paying tuition fees to study the Swedish universities. According to European legislation must not discriminate against a country kidney nationality, and should treat EU citizens as it treats its own people. As a particularly internationally oriented country, Sweden is very proud that it is one of the countries with the highest percentage of international students. And you can be one of these. And why not? Especially now be paid legal fees in the Netherlands for a second study, Sweden is a very attractive option. Studying abroad is great, especially when you can study for free Now let's discuss the practical issues by focusing on the advantages and disadvantages of studying in Sweden.

List of countries where you can study for free

Studying my special Abroad: free study summary can find exactly which countries you can study for free and also provide practical information by country.

Advantages of studying in Sweden

Free study in sweden, no tuition
Obviously, the main advantage that no tuition fees have to be paid. On paying for the textbooks and a small one-time fee for registration after money, is studying in Sweden for free.
High quality of education
Education in Sweden is in the world very well regarded. And partly because it is one of the most popular destinations for international students. With three universities in the top 100 in the world and 11 in the top 500 of the world is Sweden by European standards extremely well represented. They also have a somewhat innovative approach: they also give students at the university the opportunity to put theory into practice and they work closely with the industry. In any case, you are assured that you will get a good degree, and it will be as good as accepted everywhere. Sweden offers an incredible amount of English programs. Please check the website of the university. Also through and you can find many programs in English.
List of Swedish Universities and colleges:
  • Chalmers University of Technology
  • Gothenburg University
  • Halmstad University
  • Högskolan på Gotland
  • Jönköping International Business School
  • Jönköping University
  • Karolinska Institutet
  • Kristianstad University
  • Kungl Tekniska Högskolan
  • Linkoping University
  • Lulea University
  • Lund Institute of Technology
  • Lund University
  • Malardalens University
  • Mid Sweden University
  • Örebro University
  • Royal Institute of Technology
  • Stockholm School of Economics
  • Stockholm University
  • Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
  • Umeå University
  • University College of Örebro
  • University College of Gävle / Sandviken
  • University College of Kalmar
  • University of Boras
  • University of Falun / Borlänge
  • University of Karlskrona / Ronneby
  • University of Karlstad
  • University of Kristianstad
  • University of Skövde
  • Uppsala Universitet
  • Växjö University

Good English spoken in Sweden and Swedish language studies
In Sweden very good English spoken. And in addition they have also a very nice touch. Almost everyone in Sweden to be able to communicate well in English. It is also the official business language of many Swedish companies. If you still want to learn Swedish? Since it is a beautiful melodious language, it is very advisable to do so even if fun social activity. Swedish courses are offered by universities. Both about a month before the start of the academic year and during the academic year. As in Denmark, also in Sweden language courses offered for free by the government.
Great experience abroad, study abroad
In Sweden you can study abroad in a very pleasant way to experience. Besides being beautiful thriving large cities like Stockholm, there are also cute small towns, and above all it has a beautiful nature. Also socially has to offer much. There are many international students, so you will quickly end up in a strong cohesive international community. Because of this you get to know many different nationalities and cultures. Sweden also has the 'nationer' kind student associations where you can join.
Student grants and student take public transport fee.
Chances are very high that you can take just the Dutch Student with. However, you must apply through this special Duo and make sure you read through all the conditions well. The main requirement to be met is that it should be a complete education. So a full Bachelor or Master. Additionally, you can also request a monthly fee for the Student OV where you do not use in the Netherlands. This is around 90 euros extra.
Study in Sweden and a part-time job
It is quite possible to find a job in Sweden. However, you increase your chances or respect if you can speak Swedish. When you study within the EU, you do not need a work permit as a student to work. Your residence permit is based on EU student and that means you are next to may work and there is no limit on the number of hours. However, you have to register yourself at the municipality because you get a personal number from your employer needs you. You will also have to be lit to report yourself to the IRS. It is also wise to open a bank account in the country of destination.

Disadvantages of studying in Sweden

Expensive standard of living
Life in Sweden is more expensive than in the Netherlands. But also in Sweden is that it is cheaper in smaller cities. As Stockholm is the most expensive city to live in. Food, clothing and entertainment is once lived. For a beer you pay five euro quickly and eating out is also quite expensive. Hence, self cook dinner and before going out drinking always be advisable, and in practice too much going on. Rooms usually cost around 400 euros. So this is compared to Copenhagen and Norway thus still a little. There is an average of the monthly budget calculated at 750 euros. There are also opportunities to earn. It is possible for EU students to take a job without a work permit. To get a job, it is always a big advantage if you can speak Swedish, but less crucial than in Denmark.
Two-year Masters in Sweden
Almost without exception, all Masters in Sweden two years in length. A single takes a year, but they are often preparatory Masters for example, a research Master. There is of course nothing wrong with the Masters in Sweden a year longer. Even more, you learn more and your diploma is therefore perhaps more valuable. The problem is that you only get four year scholarship from the Dutch government. You will therefore have to examine whether any extension is possible, if you can get an amount from Sweden, or maybe you yourself are able to provide an extra year in living expenses.
Severe dark winters in Sweden
Sweden has very cold winters where it can get very cold. Winters last on average from November to March. It is in this period has been relatively low sunlight and make you a lot of time in the dark. If there are sensitive, it is something to take into consideration. On the other hand, in the spring and summer is just very very light. The rule is, the further north you live, the darker and colder it gets.
English language test
Since you're going to do an English course in Scandinavia, you can also demonstrate the need for such a good level of English is that you can participate without problems in colleges. These keys are unfortunately quite expensive to decrease. The most common tests are the TOEFL and IELTS test. Remember that the keys are often only valid for two years, so make sure before you will be allowed within those two years.
From home
As well as going abroad is very adventurous and exciting, of course you can also get a little homesick. This is normal and not very. It is possible to fairly cheap from Sweden travel to Netherlands. From Eindhoven you can travel with Ryanair for a bargain price to Stockholm. From Gothenburg go there several flights to the Netherlands. Furthermore you can book fairly cheap bus trips in order to get to airports.