Studying in England

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England is a very popular country for Dutch students. But what does studying in England mean?

Facts about England

  • England's capital is London.
  • There live 53 million people in England.
  • The official language in England is English.
  • The currency in England is the pound.
  • The main religion in Britain is Christianity.
  • Britain is a parliamentary democracy.

Why study in England?

By studying in England, you increase your chances of finding a job. Many UK universities are world famous for its good quality of education. Higher education in England is an example for many other countries. England has more than 3000 educational institutions. By studying in the UK you're going to get English well mastered. Many educational institutions in England to help you to find accommodation. Every university in the UK has an international student. The British government gives to many international students financial support.

English education

You can get your bachelor in England in about three years. A master can you get in two years. With a HAVO diploma you will be admitted to an English university. With a VWO diploma you will be admitted to an English university.


On average, tuition fees per year in England 7000 euro. Educational institutions in England may determine tuition fees, but the fees may not exceed 10,000 euros per year. Books are not included in the tuition. In England many scholarships available for international students. More than 10,000 international students each year receive financial support.


The subsistence costs vary greatly by region in England. The subsistence costs in London are much higher than in rural England. It is cheaper to live in northern England rather than southern England. An international student gives an average of 500 euros per month on accommodation. For 65 euros a month you can get unlimited travel with public transport. An international student is to subsistence in England lost about 1,000 per month.


It is wise to start early with finding accommodation. Accommodation in England is much more expensive than in the Netherlands. It is important that the property is close to your institution. A furnished house is usually not as expensive as a furnished home. Many schools want to help you with finding accommodation.

Health in England

If you are going to study in England is advisable to take out health insurance. The NHS is an organization in England, which offers almost all health care. Some medical treatments are offered free of charge to international students. The emergency number in England is 999.

Travel through England

England is a beautiful country that you can explore easily by public transport. The trains in Britain is expensive but you get much discount if you book early. As a student, you also get a discount. In London, it's best to travel by subway. If you go by bus, you must buy the ticket from the bus driver. There are 24 airports in England to find, so you can easily explore England by plane. Everywhere in England you will find taxi ?? s.Taxi ?? s very convenient but can be very expensive.