Subsidy by the municipality to employers

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Require employers to various claimants a chance and offer them a job, to obtain therefrom subsdie. This is for every employer an opportunity that entails many risks. Here there are pros and cons attached to it and that is why many employers need to think more about them.


The various municipalities in the Netherlands provide various subsidies to employers and agencies that benefit claimants into work. This means for employers that they can generate additional income by hiring staff with an offer of a contract for a fixed term. This grant is a compensation for the fact that the employer takes any person from the payment by the person offering a job.
The municipality
If the beneficiary goes to work, this will cause the town to a beneficiary no payment required to give more and this is positive for the community. At the municipal level, there are many registered unemployed who receive benefits. Ideally, they want to get rid of these people, because this person costly. These people cost a lot of money in the form of benefits and need lots of attention and this takes time. To get these people to work, the government will allow companies and organizations to obtain a bonus for helping a beneficiary to a job.
The employer
For the employer, this means that they can bring in extra money by taking on beneficiaries. This is of course an advantage and an opportunity for the employer. There are also a number of risks for the employer ?? s. These risks ?? s been cases where the employer must take into account. The employer must offer the recipient a contract and an agreement close where it is attached to.
The fact that the claimant has not worked for years for various reasons, ensures that there ?? s risk for the employer. These risks can be ?? s such as: motivation problems, physical condition, unreliability of the recipients, unskilled personnel etc. These are all risks that the organization should think about and make the consideration of whether it is wise to do business with the city .
These risks ?? s making it difficult for the employer to determine whether to choose a beneficiary for the grant. It brings many risks for the employer ?? s along with it and that they would like to avoid. The fact that there are currently enough people who are looking for a job where there is less risk ?? s. These people already have a job but want better working conditions. The choice may thus be easier for the employer to choose this person. This allows the risk to avoid ?? s, but this means that it will again miss the grant.
This issue ensures that the employers is a difficult choice to decide whether they want to go with beneficiary and want to give them a chance to obtain funding from them.