Successful weight loss: Delete that soda!

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There will be on site frequently diet experiences beyond where affluent dieters share their success story. Weightloss Success is achieved by far the most due to increasing the amount of exercise. In addition, certain eating habits are changed. It is remarkable that the vast majority of the victorious kilo killers appear to have stopped drinking soda. Cola, orange, 7-up, ice-tea, cassis, tonic, bitter lemon and all that kind of drinks ...

Calories in soft drinks

Whether there really is a cause-effect relationship exists between weight loss on the one hand and the removal of soda on the other hand has not been conclusively determined by sound science. Nevertheless, there are numerous research findings that suggest that can cause excessive consumption of soft drinks overweight. That in itself is quite logical, because the vast majority of soft drinks deliver huge amounts of calories.

Normal versus light

The two most important factors that ensure that soft drinks are unhealthy, and can make thick are as follows:

  • Sugar
  • Artificial sweeteners

Diet drinks may be just as unfriendly line as "normal" drinks. The point of this story is that the best you can completely stop drinking soda. Rather drink water and tea, and preferably green and white tea. Or drink the occasional cup of coffee.

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Do you still drink soda or have you given it up to lose weight effectively and efficiently? Leave your comment below!