Sugar drinks are deadly?

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Average drink every Netherlands just a little more than one soft drink per day. That does not seem much, but it means that certain groups and ages the consumption of soft drinks a day can be quite high. And that's a risk, research shows that an excessive soft drink consumption may lead to disease and premature death.


In the pack soda can you read what is in zit.Er are a lot of soft drinks on the market. Some have bubbles, that is to say that there is added to the carbonated drink. Other drinks are bubble-free drinking. Some drinks based on mineral or minerals other have certain fruits or combinations thereof as a base, while others are quite an artificial way to their taste. But they almost all have in common: they are full of sugar. Sugars are not only found in orange, 7-Up or Coke, but they are often also added to fruit juices. This can also be found on the packaging of your soda.

Research Question

This excessive sugar consumption has negative effects on your health everyone is clear. It's bad for your teeth and makes you gain weight more than you bargained for. The question is whether the sugar use also has longer-term consequences for your health. On so ?? s demand, you can only find an answer through a thorough research, and that research is also done by scientists at Tufts University in Boston. The results are staggering.


Sugar use is not in itself immediately fatal or sickening. That means you also have no patients suffering from an excess-of-sugar ?? ?? - illness, but that you should look for an indirect link between excessive sugar usage with serious illness and death on the other. The researchers devised a method to demonstrate this connection ?? if it was there. To 611 971 people involved questionnaires were submitted from 51 different countries. In the questionnaires, data were collected on the use of the use of sugary drinks and their possible pathologies, over the period 1985 ?? 2010. sugary drinks refers to a wide range of drinks, think of soft drinks, energy drinks, homemade sugar drinks, fruit juices, iced tea with added sugars, etc.


The study shows a clear association between a higher intake of sugary drinks and preventing diseases like diabetes, heart disease or cancer. The researchers argue that in the end about 184 thousand adults die annually by the over-consumption of sweetened soft drinks. Of which 184,000 die each year from the effects of diabetes 133 000, 45 000 per year from cardiovascular disease and such ?? n 6450 from the effects of cancer. Those are solid numbers, which can be more specific when it is broken down by the different countries. Then it turns out that about three-quarters of the number of sugar-kill is in developing countries, the top 3 is formed by Mexico, South Africa and Morocco. The study included people from 51 countries, so its does not include all countries in the world. The Netherlands and Belgium do not come into the research and are therefore not mentioned in the final results. But probably we fall into the same category as other countries in the European Union, including Britain, Germany, Spain, Italy or Poland. With us, it would then go to 30 to 50 people per million people die from the consequences of overconsumption of sugary drinks. And yet these are serious numbers!

Violent results

The results of the study are intense. So severe in fact, that the American Heart Association initially refused to accept the investigation report. It would be sensational ?? ?? containing findings and conclusions. As researchers support their work and their results remained the finally assessed and approved, and was published in the spring of 2015 in the authoritative journal Circulation ?? ??.

What should you drink?

It is fortunately not every soft drink or any little sugar immediately have disastrous consequences. Occasionally, therefore, need not be a problem. Would you like to vary what you drink recorded history, then think also just good tap water, or fruit juices without added sugar. You can make orange juice themselves, just nice orange gently squeeze. A nice glass of grapefruit juice, that's possible too! Tasty, and super fresh!