Sunbed under thirty unhealthy

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Not for the first time shown that tanning visit, especially at a younger age, can be life-threatening. In Germany and Scotland is already prohibited by law, that young people under 18 to visit a tanning salon. In Britain is such a law in the making. But if older you should be attentive when using certain medications, even with ibuprofen.

What is skin cancer

When ordinary skin cells develop into malignant cells that can go share uninhibited, we speak of skin cancer. This type of cancer is becoming more common. Of all the types of cancers that occur is the so-called basal cell carcinoma of the skin in the Netherlands, by far, in the first place. For most dermatologists diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma is one of the most frequently asked.

What types of skin cancer are there

There are several types of skin cancer. Some of them are very rare, such as, for example, forms which are based on white blood cells in the skin, or which start from connective tissue cells.
Three types of skin cancer are frequent.
  • basal cell carcinoma
  • squamous cell carcinoma
  • Melanoma

Preventing skin cancer

In the above three types of skin cancer is in the ultraviolet sunlight in most cases, the culprit. Protection against excessive exposure to UV radiation is, therefore, important. Recent Dutch research has however shown that smoking can play a certain role in the development of some types of skin cancer. Skin cancer is obviously a very striking form of cancer and, therefore, it is often possible to early detect the disease and defuse. It is essential that every spot on the skin that grows or changes in appearance is assessed by a doctor. In severe forms of skin cancer, including melanoma, early detection and treatment can save lives!

Sunbed skin is a carcinogen

Already seen for many years, the solarium as skin cancer risk. According to an earlier Nordic 2003 study, women who have more than once a month under the sun go a 55 percent greater risk of skin cancer. Young ladies in the 20th year running even two to three times as likely as women who never go tanning beds. This is apparent from an eight-year study of more than 100,000 Scandinavian women at that time appeared in the journal of the US National Cancer Institute.
In this 2003 study the lifestyle and melanoma risk analysis of women between 30 and 50. From the study it became clear that sunburn and solarium use during adolescence and young adulthood, the risk of developing skin cancer later in life were substantially. The melanoma risk is greatest among people with fair skin in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and North America. Blond women have approximately two times as likely to get melanoma than dark-haired. Red for Women is an opportunity about four times larger, according to the former researchers.

Recent research

Recent research published in the journal "The Lancet Oncology", let's hear similar noises when the above Scandinavian research from 2003. Scientists concluded in 2009 in the magazine that people who are using the solarium before thirty regularly, the risk most dangerous form of skin cancer is increasing by 75%.

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Avoid the sun at certain medications such as certain antibiotics, contraceptives, diuretics, diabetes medications, and even with the OTC ibuprofen.