Sunglasses Trends 2012: stand out and be seen!

Health gorlax August 8, 2016 3 0
The sunglasses trend of 2012 consists mainly of color and special materials. Also, the vintage look comes back in. Particular materials that are used are, inter alia, different types of wood. Wood provides the ideal mix of peace, quality and true for 2012 as a trendy material. The aviator model remains immensely popular among both men and women's sunglasses. Please note that there should always be chosen for sunglasses with UVA and UVB protection.

2012 Sunglasses

Once the sun begins to shine, the search again blown to the sunglasses. Cabinets are built to address last year's glasses there. Of course, the sunglasses is not only convenient and practical. It protects your eyes from the bad radiation and naturally against the wrinkles that you would otherwise incur during the constant stare. However, besides the functional aspect of these sunglasses is mainly worn as a fashion statement. The striking sunglasses, sunglasses personally and through glasses shows you who you are. You can see the sunglasses as a wish piece of your own personality and during the hot summer months you can only too well by displaying a fashionable, stylish and well-fitting shade.
sunglasses wood

Special materials: wood

To immediately start something special: the wooden sunglasses. Wood is now widely used as an alternative material. You can think of a wooden watch, a wooden tie but a wooden sunglasses. The brand has managed to get quite a few models on the market for a reasonable and affordable price. The wooden sunglasses fit completely in the year 2012 where climate, specific nature materials and natural elements are key. The brand Proof has around one hundred euros for both men and women beautiful, fashionable models for sale.

Vintage Sunglasses

Vintage eyeglasses also you'll definitely this year on the street. The glasses from earlier this year revived. Vintage eyeglasses are characterized by angular shapes or right soft round and typically feminine lines. Obviously there will be given a modern touch to the glasses so you classy, ​​modern and hip look. Remember that vintage look, always a strong fashion statement entails. Wearing vintage shows that you dare to be different than the rest. Who wears vintage, can wear anything!
vintage sunglasses

Color, color and another color!

This year there is again talk of a color explosion. In fashion has seen a trend towards an exuberance of color. This is carried through to the sunglasses. Many brands do have some colored models in their collection. Also for the men is color highly recommended. Summer calls for joy, positivity and energy. Color can certainly contribute.

The aviator remains popular

Who does not know them: the aviator sunglasses. They have been around so long and every year they come back. Often they do a little bit changed: sometimes bigger, sometimes smaller. The fact remains that the aviator glasses remains immensely popular. In 2012, you'll definitely find the aviator at the shops. The aviator glasses remains popular because many people these glasses can wear with ease. The shape of the aviator is such that each model face with it get away. Round glasses are for instance not for everyone. If you have a round head is not recommend to opt for round glasses. It is also often wise to choose an angular glasses as the shape of your face is angular. Try to choose a counter frame.
colored models remain popular

Cheap Sunglasses

When choosing your sunglasses is wise to pay attention to a few things. Check first whether the glass harmful UV rays or blocks. UV rays can damage your retina. If you wear sunglasses go your pupils dilate. Your eyes thinking that it is dark. You will itself go pupils dilate to absorb more light. Now that ?? night not mind, but in the daytime, when the sun is at its strongest, urges much UV radiation your eye to your retina. This can have permanent damage. So check whether your sunglasses always offers UVA and UVB protection. Cheap sunglasses may not offer this protection.