Supervision by the AFM and information

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Confidence in the financial markets by the public, business and government is essential. Therefore, there is a central supervision of these markets by the AFM. The AFM is an independent organization, even though there is a certain connection with the government because it is politically responsible and appoints the board. The government also approves the budgets of the AFM, the fixed charges and is responsible for supervision of pension providers.

Tasks and objectives of the AFM

The tasks of the AFM to include overseeing:
  • Save
  • Borrow
  • Invest
  • Ensure
  • Pensions
  • One of the key controls that is performing the AFM or consumers get honest and straightforward information. Incidentally, this is another task than that of any other supervisor DNB. The bank verifies that companies meet their obligations.
    The objectives in the work of the AFM are:
  • Promoting access to financial markets.
  • To promote the smooth functioning of financial markets.
  • Promoting confidence in the financial markets.

  • Supervision of the Act on Financial Supervision

    Financial institutions must comply with all laws which may be different for each type of institution. But those laws are in 2007 all come together in the Wft making the extensive system of supervision of banks, insurers, investment companies, etc. in one law is regulated. Also on that law maintains the AFM supervision.

    Information by the AFM

    The AFM provides in the task of informing a number of leaflets for consumers, each with a roadmap that can help in making financial decisions. The brochures can be downloaded from the website where more information can be obtained.

    Invest wisely

    In the consumer folder ?? wisely invest ?? in five steps explain how you can invest the best. The brochure helps to make good choices about investing money and the risk ?? s thereof, and provides information about rights and obligations and about the types of investment.

    Sensible borrowing

    The folder ?? Sensible borrowing ?? also based on five steps which provides, inter alia advised not to lend for something that lasts only briefly or is short, such as a vacation. Calculate before too well that the interest and principal will work out a monthly basis. A good tip is also to compare the different loan options with each other in order to choose the most favorable. In addition to these advices and tips the directory contains all the information needed to borrow responsibly.

    Wisely choosing a mortgage

    The brochure ?? Wisely choosing a mortgage ?? is based on five steps, with the first warning that not only mortgage must be paid on a home but also insurance and local taxes. An important step is to get informed first well on all forms of mortgages in which expert advice is certainly needed.

    Wisely arrange your pension

    The five steps of the folder you ?? sensibly regulate pension ?? provide all kinds of information about pensions including the possible arrangements such as average pay scheme, final salary scheme, defined contribution and combination arrangements. For those not accruing pension through the employer are opportunities to have a nest egg after an active life through bank savings, investment banking or annuity.