Sustainable tourism in Gambia

Entertainment RiShooty July 25, 2016 0 16
The best small country in Africa, The Gambia, shows the number of tourists from year to year to grow. The pleasant climate, scenic beauty, cultural identity and the big security interest is not surprising. The authorities of The Gambia do not just go for mass tourism but opt ​​for a sustainable approach. They do that with many projects.

Protected natural areas

The beautiful nature preserve for the future, for the next generations, which is in Gambia priority. Hence, large parts of the territory have been declared protected areas. Visitors can explore the nature, admire the unique fauna and flora, but that happens in a controlled manner with respect for nature conservation. Nature reserves can find both on the coast, like rainforests Bijilo Forest Park, and inland, especially along the Gambia river that cuts through the middle of the country. Gambia This work makes a sustainable tourist development has long been underway. At the World Travel Market in London, the largest tourism fair in the world, The Gambia was already honored in 2008!


For the tourist, this sustainable approach to the Gambian government only benefits. Not only conservation is important in policy but also the traditions, peculiarities, cultural heritage will be harmless for the future. Also in terms of tourism infrastructure are laudable projects, for example in the area of ​​accommodation. A good example is the ecolodge that you find anywhere in the country in which it is even possible to plan an eco-tour in Gambia.
Sandele Eco-resort
A good example is the Sandele Eco-resort on the wonderful south coast of Gambia. The hotel is run by a British couple, but the people of Kartong, where the resort is located, will own over 25 years and has the guarantee that is 75% of employment in their own region. Add to that share of the profits in local, social and cultural projects to be invested.
Sitanunku Lodge
The Sitanunku Logged on the north bank of the River Gambia is an example for many other lodges. Guests staying in an impressive setting between the majestic Baobab trees and there may be from the terrace watching the tropical birds. This oasis of calm is a good base for trips on the river for fishing or for excursions to the surrounding villages.

Gambia Is Good

The authorities of the Gambia shall issue to tourism more sustainable accents. For example, the action Gambia is Good with local fruits and vegetables are being promoted. Local farmers have better access to the tourism market which is obviously the local economy and development benefits. This fair trade has been included in an overall Gambian politics where tourism is also denoted as a lever to help the country move forward. This way of working is good not only for locals but also for tourists. Make Gambia a better place to live in and to spend a vacation. That is the main objective of sustainable policies.