Swimming in open air to the north of Antwerp

Entertainment Siyo August 7, 2016 0 0
Hot, hot, hot! If you live north of Antwerp and in the southwest of the Netherlands, and you need cooling? Here are already some ideas for open-air and free of charge or for twice nothing to take a dip! How about Wemeldinge, Krabbendijke the Galdersemeren, the Mosten, Bergen-op-Zoom or Speelmansplaten in Tholen? An overview.


This small beach at the Oosterschelde is very cozy. The water is clean and the ground is sandy. You have a wide stretch of sand to sit on, then a stone wall that goes up, then a strip of grass about three meters wide, and again a sloping piece of grass before coming to the dike. With small children so you can safely sit on the sand near the water. The sand is clean and well maintained. The disadvantage is that when the water rises, you must flee, because the water comes up against the stone wall. With older children, you can sit on top of the grass strip. You've got a good overview, more space and you should not move when the water rises. Placed on several places stone steps, so that you easily can go down. At high tide the water runs quite quickly, this can be a disadvantage with small children. Even older children and adults need to watch a lot, because it gets deep quick and once past the two ends of the inlet, you have to deal with a strong and treacherous currents. An ideal beach so to play in front of your feet to bathe, swim really only for experienced swimmers. Another minus: the eye with planned renovation works were in the summer 2010, but it was too late to start. The original grass strip is a strip of earth that is not really neat to sit or to walk on. But probably this problem is resolved quickly. The original parking near the beach no longer exists and the current car park is slightly further walk. Plus is certain that anywhere mobile ecotoiletten are present, which are reasonably clean. There is also a small frying available just off the beach. Dogs are not allowed from May to September. In short, a great family beach.


A plate on the Oosterschelde. This means that at low tide the water is very far, about a kilometer around. Super so if you want to take a long walk with the ball or kite wants to play if the dog ever want to run well. It is essential to water shoes, plastic sandals or crocks to do because the beach is dotted with oyster shells and can do a lot of pain when you step on it! When the water rises, the real fun begins! The water remains very shallow and you can float with the rising water, playing in the waves, lying on an air mattress, or sitting in a boat. When it is warm, the rising water is really hot, which makes it very pleasant. Ideal for small children, because the water remains only about half a meter high on almost half a kilometer. But there are downsides to this beach: the ground is mud, so it feels kinda dirty to. In addition, the water smells too, so take a shower afterwards is certainly indicated. One should definitely watch out for the oyster shells that are present everywhere. There also seaweed floats around in the water. Some people think this is too dirty. At the edge of the beach is always a lot of trash lying when the water subsides and there you must first pass through. That can be quite dirty: silt, seaweed, shells. The beach is not maintained, so the sand is not very clean. Moreover, it is a kind of shell sand, so you can not build castles with or figurines experience. There are also streaks of grass where you can sit and here you have some shelter from trees and shrubs. Previously there was a shower next to the beach, but it's gone now. There is a mobile toilet. No dining nearby.

The Galdersemeren

A large pool of water next to the highway to Rotterdam, just across the Dutch border. Exit Zundert, Hoogstraten, Lake and then follow the arrows Galder. The lake itself is not displayed, but you can not miss him. There are several large car parks all around the lake. Since 2011, you pay 7 euros to not park is also designated parking. Sometimes awkward when you have agreed with friends who then stand on one car park while you have to go to five parking. Access to the lake itself is free. Dogs are absolutely not allowed! There is regular police control. There are several small beaches where the water drains slowly. Ideal for small children. In addition, one can also go on the grass sit all the way around the lake, but the water flows faster. The water is very clear and the ground is sandy. When the weather is right, it can be quite busy because everyone around the place obviously knows. The car parks are stalls with ice cream and sandwiches. In several places are equipped toilets.

The Mosten

Swim Lake in the direction of Rotterdam, also exit Lake. The swimming area is well indicated already on the highway. Here one has to pay, but for that price one has a lot of facilities. A clean beach, showers, a net on the beach to play volleyball, a playground for children, a cafeteria, a minigolf, a walking trail, etc. Dogs are not allowed. Ample parking. Again, it can be very crowded on hot days.


Here is also a beach at the Oosterschelde. Paying. Equipped with a playground. One can also go paddling on the way to the Speelmansplaten, but here one has the problem of oyster shells and sharp rocks. Again, one can thus significantly hurt. Anyway but rather to the paying Speelmansplaten, where it is still safer with children.

Bergen op Zoom

Bergen op Zoom, next to the pool shell, is a small sandy beach. Admission is free. Very clean sand and the beach slopes gently down. Ideal for small children so, because you have to walk a long way to have a water meter. Also fun to play with a ball or missiles in the water or for boating. The ground is sandy with here and there a stone. Beware of the feet so! Less suitable for someone who likes to swim from the beginning. On the beach there is also a snack bar where you can get refreshments. Dogs can a little further into the water. Around the lake you indeed can make a nice walk. This calculation still over two hours. Ample and free parking close to the beach.