Tan, neutral cigarette package: reactions after the controversial decisions of senators

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Tan, neutral cigarette package: reactions after the controversial decisions of senators

As part of the review of the draft health law, senators deleted the creation of neutral package of cigarettes and prohibits UV tanning booths. Against the advice of the government.

Photo: © Reuters / Eric Gaillard.

The senators, mostly right and center, had announced their intention to "completely rewritten" health law. Promise.

The neutral pack of cigarettes removed by the Senate

The creation of neutral pack of cigarettes compulsory from May 2016, was sent to the trash by the senators. They did not remain insensitive to the anger of tobacconists, headwind against this measure lighthouse. Besides defending the profession tobacconist, they also argued that France went further than EU law.

Marisol Touraine, Minister of Health, immediately expressed his determination to represent the new reading in the National Assembly, to left majority.

Michèle Delaunay, former socialist minister, also a doctor, said in a statement the "fragility of the political decisions in the face of street protests and pressure from lobbies."

"The pro-tobacco lobbies should not dictate the decisions of elected officials, strongly deplores the National Committee against smoking.

Even the side of mutual disappointment EmeVia the network: they remind 26.2% of students surveyed that in the course of their investigation into the health of students, declare smoking. They call, too, MPs defend the measure. "It is the responsibility of our parliamentarians to prioritize the public interest to private interests."

The attractiveness of the package is indeed one of the main reasons prompting teens to smoke. Establish a packet without logo or attractive colors, is an effective means of struggle against smoking, particularly young: in Australia, where it is in force since December 2012, it allowed a significant reduction in tobacco consumption and a carry a few months of age of first cigarette.

Artificial UV prohibited by Senate

The senators decided to ban, from 2017, UV tanning beds, because of their dangerousness.
But this should, too, be retoquée on his return before MPs at left majority.

The Minister of Health questioned the need for the ban, noting a first strengthening the regulation in 2013 and the presence in the new health law even more restrictive measures, such as their ban to minors.

"The harmful effects of UV exposure proved and increased melanoma should lead us to act. But does it prohibit?" Asked Marisol Touraine.