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Tantric Sex. Tantric Sex: A ritual that gives another dimension to the sexual energy and sexuality. Tantric sex is a mystical Eastern tradition that leads lover into higher realms of passion and sensuality. Tantric sex is love through meditation and touch. To become one with your partner emotionally, physically and spiritually. Tantric Yoga masters have a series of rituals designed to arouse sexual energy and lead to higher spheres.
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Tantric Sex - Spiritual Experience

Tantric sex learns to use the natural power of sexuality to enhance sexual experiences. This in two ways:
  • improving capacity / quality of lovemaking. This because the transactions associated with it easy to understand and control
  • learn to use the control so that gives it magical power.
In Tantric sex has neither partner dominance: it is about mutual respect; understanding between two people. In tantric exercises you only have control over yourself and your own body. Tantra is more than just sex. It is not just a meeting of bodies, but above all a meeting of minds. More information about Tantra in general can be found in the article Tantra - Spiritual Ritual.

Tantric Sex - Positive personal impact

Tantric sex makes you self-control and give positive physiological effects, it:
  • stimulates blood circulation
  • burns calories
  • cleanse because your sweats out toxins
  • increases endurance
  • enhances the ability to make sex last longer. You will longer be able to work towards an orgasm and experience a whole new experience

Tantric Sex

Tantric sex is a mystical oriental tradition that leads lover into higher realms of passion and sensuality. It's love through meditation and touch. It enables sexual intercourse and focus more attention and time on foreplay, so that a greater sensual ecstasy can be achieved. Tantric sex makes you more enjoy the lovemaking.
The old traditional rituals indicate that sex has the power to bring mind and soul into heavenly spheres. Yoga masters developed a series of rituals to generate sexual energy and lead to higher spheres, which they called Tantric Sex. Tantric sex appears to give access to full sexual pleasure and magic. These two aspects go together because the subconscious mind connects with sexual energy flows. This makes connecting the loved ones with the divine. All this is based on an ancient tradition of sensuality and physical pleasure.

The Power of Kundalini

Tantra is the power of a natural energy called Kundalini yoga practitioners. This is the electrical stimulation that you feel during sexual arousal. If you have mastered Tantra, the sexual excitement can be quite intense and deeper experience. Kundalini is in perfect harmony with the body, because it is produced by your own body. It starts at the bottom of the spine and spreads to adjacent body parts. Through certain rituals can you ensure that it goes up along your spine and uses the power in the brains. This creates a so-called orgasm of the mind, which also generates a physical orgasm.
Male and Female Commitment
Tantra sees the woman and the man like two halves of a unit. Kundalini is not male and not female. The whole is greater than the sum of the parts: the combination of two Kundalini's is greater than the sum of the two parts.

Tantra Stimulate the Senses

Tantra focuses on physical sensations and heightened sensuality. Tantra begins with the five senses:
  • See. Seeing is the first sense. The practice of Tantra is simply with the light on. However, it might be good to blindfold your partner to focus initially more on the other senses and to increase non-visual sensations
  • Trials. The second sense is taste. In a Tantric ritual is always used food to stimulate the taste. Food ranges from just a snack to a sumptuous feast. In general, for cheese and wine. Preferably, this is only served during the ritual
  • Touching. Touching the third sense. You used in tantric rituals often touching the thumb and forefinger of both hands. The nails should be cut for a soft touch. In tantric sex no massage oil is used because this could cause a rapid climax. And this is not consistent with the purpose of the ritual
  • Smell. The fourth sense is smell. It is the unique flavor of each and general hygiene of both partners. Hygiene should be naturally present in every tantric practitioner, but washing each other, each other's hands and a warm, wet washcloth can give a deeper awareness of each other's sexuality. The sensual pleasure can be enhanced by example. Scented candles or incense
  • Hear. The fifth sense is hearing. A tantric practitioner should listen to the agreement and surrender of the partner. It was never intended that dominates one of the partners. In Tantra it comes to partners who both really want. The sensual pleasure can be further enhanced by background music or the sound of bells or wind chimes.

Tantra Rule one hour

Tantra Masters have introduced the rule of one hour, because they realized it would be too short beginners trying to learn tantra master and still would opt for immediate gratification. This one-hour rule means that no sexual intercourse or masturbation may take place one hour before or after a Tantric ritual. The mind focuses on the way in a special time and prevents it from being an ordinary physical gratification. The mind focuses on the constructive energy during the hours before it will be used. If the energy is controlled during the ritual, the mind remains focused during the hour afterwards.

Starting with Tantric Sex

In tantric sex, you can learn that the road to satisfaction far can be finer than the endpoint or the gratification itself. It is not about techniques, delights or to achieve a particular goal. Tantra makes a feast of sex and sexuality. It teaches that physical pleasure in yourself and your partner is the key to enjoyment of life and a higher consciousness. In Tantra turns being the order to the moment and the harmony between the masculine and feminine energies. It's not about berieken ASAP climax. Since the effects of tantra are protracted, a fleeting moment of satisfaction will become more and more in the background. Tantra gives the opportunity to intimacy, unity and harmony to achieve your partner.
It is important that you prior to the ritual both in the mood and takes ample time and space. Select or create a further place that is comfortable for all the senses and where you feel relaxed.

Tantric Sex - Principles and Rituals

The following are important Tantric principles. Tricky here is to make this clear only via text. You must visually evoke a few things to mind. Should it appeal to you, then it is obviously better to look at a book, video or DVD with visual or illustrative explanation.
Honor Partner
The intention is to stand slightly apart. Bending toward each other and watch each other's eyes. As you breathe, imagine then that the energy is drawn into the heart. When you exhale, put their foreheads together. It is important to any mutual misunderstandings and irritations first to eliminate before you continue.
Heart to Heart Breathing
Look your partner in the eye. Put your right hand on the heart of another. As you exhale, imagine that your energy into the heart of another blow.
Erotic Touches
Feel the sensuality of touch, imagine really open. Go through the giggle of 'tickles' it. Use eg. Sensual fabrics, feathers, fingertips and your breath. First gently caress the naked body of your partner with eg. A feather or silk scarf. Go slowly from top to bottom: from the neck to the feet. Do the same with your fingertips and your breath. This is a giving and receiving exercise.
Honor Yoni and Linga
Feeling at ease is important for this exercise. Take your time and admire the Yoni: female and Linga: male genitals. The confidence and the feeling of oneness between you and your partner is thus increased.
Souls Connect
If you enjoy touching and commitment have experience of Yoni and Linga, the intention is that you open up to the experience of constant delight. Sit in the yab-yom position: looking at each other, spines and hearts aligned, sexually connected without movement. Continue to hold eye contact and focus on all the senses. You feel that sexual energy connecting you with heart, soul and body.
It is important to rid of any sense of inequality in your relationship. A tantric relationship is based on equality, which will welcome male and female energies, with the intention to enjoy optimal.
Giving and Receiving
In tantric sex is not the intention that one partner action. It involves mutual reverence, giving and receiving, and where are you can bring.
One way to keep a relationship in balance, to alternate, take turns to organize a tantra session and decide which exercises you are doing.
In Tantra, meditation is a powerful tool. As you meditate, you are not distracted, and open your mind for Tantric energy. It is important to first create a peaceful atmosphere; eg turn. a nice CD or burn incense. The image of fire is in tantra a symbolic: it burns distraction and negativity. Stand upright in a fire meditation and imagine that there is a flame through all energy centers. Imagine if the flame goes from red to white after each chakra cleaned and brought into balance.
Spoon spoon lie is a good way to connect with your partner before making love. Who before or behind, does not matter. However, you both should be on your left side, so that the chakras correspond. Try to breathe simultaneously: one astern, determines the rhythm and imagines that his or her energy into the heart of another flow. Thereafter both partners at each chakra inhale and exhale until they are at the crown chakra.
The butterfly
When the butterfly exercise, you focus on the energy in the pelvis and genitals. Lie on your back. Bend your knees and let them fall open. Try to stay relaxed when you feel little vibrations in your thighs. Let the energy flow from the pelvis and genitals to your heart. Clarify with a gesture that you "offer" that energy to your partner.
The energy between you and your partner circulates by taking turns breathing. Feelings of love for the partner can increase through this exercise. Sit opposite your partner, breath by Yoni and pelvic cradle slowly back and forth. Let the breath flow to the heart and then send that breath into the heart of your partner. Your partner then inhale your breath through his heart, let it flow through his energy channels and finally blows out his Linga.
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Sounds just delicious Beautifully described. For anyone unfamiliar with tantra.  good luck with it! Greetings from Sila