Target weight is determined by your culture

Health DrSentry August 8, 2016 0 0
Ask a Dutchman what is his greatest desire, and it is staying healthy. Just before New Year's collapse many people then again on their resolutions: stop smoking, exercise more and lose weight. All these things fit within the desire to be healthy, to grow old and busy and stressful lives to cope with. Often the fashion and celebrity world determines how we want to look. Since plastic surgery is frequently used in these parts, is also ordinary citizens queuing up to get away those crows feet. And it is no coincidence that precisely Gerard Joling made advertisement for hair transplantation. What do these nice people from Blaricum affects what the baker from Almelo wants.


However, like any ideal what we pursue all together, there are always some people hit by. The Wikipedia definition of anorexia explains very clearly a link with the tip ?? ?? with respect to an ideal of beauty:
Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder in which a person has a distorted image of their own body, has a great fear of getting fat and not try to emulate a normal body weight

Being fat in the Renaissance

As always, history is repeating itself. Was it not in this period that the celebrity of that time will be as thick as suggested ideal, which was acquired by a large part of the center position? Being fat meant at the time that you went to the wind. After all, you had enough money to buy more than enough to eat and to enjoy. This we still come back in certain parts of Africa, where obesity makes it clear that you belong to the affluent section of the population. One of the thicker women tells Elsevier:
?? With thin women is almost always something wrong, "said Mahfoud while she slides her shawl neatly overlooked. "They come from a poor family where too little money for good food. Or they have some illness or another. "

Gluttony and cardiovascular disease

Many ?? thick rich ?? in the Renaissance could only enjoy for a short time of their status. Just like in our time anorexic an overreaction on the ideal of beauty, was also driven into the Renaissance responded. Gluttony was on his lurking and many wealthy people died prematurely from cardiovascular disease.

Is weight loss really necessary?

Just before the good intentions, this is an interesting story. History repeats itself continuously. Have we learned nothing about exaggerated reactions? Yes, we have. Nowadays the focus is on anorexia. For example, the popular slimming line of Herbalife Shapeworks has been offering also products in a responsible way more to come. Yet will this year many more people decide to get weight ?? and few will try what kilo ?? s there to get some healthier to sit in life.