Tax return in 2009 - tips and tricks

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People who use their tax returns for 2009 had yet to submit can often still have some tips to ensure that they do not pay too much. Less tax payable by the estate tax in 2009 to fill pays off. The tips and tricks to keep in 2009 the tax as low as possible.

On handing time or ask for adjournment

Tax on April 1 must always be inside. It is convenient to seek it and a few weeks in advance to have everything almost ready. If that still does not, ask for a postponement. By default reprieved until September 1st.

Digital declaration

The easiest way to report it is digital. Before that, however, is a DigiD, a digital access code required for all government services. This declaration can be downloaded. The Tax and in that case has already completed a number of issues. Who sent digitally to the declaration for April 1 and get money back can be assured that this amount has been paid for July 1st.

Environmentally conscious business make money

  • Sustainable business ensure that the IRS gives more benefit. Thus efficient car ?? s a lower tax liability than petrol guzzling cars ?? s.
  • Also in the field of savings and investments, it is advantageous to opt for socially aware business. Becomes less reason ment levy calculated. The same is true for social investment over the first 55 145 euros, no tax is payable. This represents a gain of 1.2 percent capital levy.
  • Who will invest in green funds benefit from an additional advantage. There is an extra tax of 1.3 percent over the green investments. In total this means a tax of 2.5 percent.

Private house - rateable value

Only a part of the year a house? Then just need the part to be added to the imputed rent.
Take two houses, because one of them has not yet been sold? Then only need to be added over one house forfeit. The house which no lump sum is paid should be otherwise empty.
In the 2009 declaration, there is no upper limit for the first time more in determining the flat rate. . From 2009 onwards 0.55 percent of the property tax value are tallied.

Home ?? mortgage

The mortgage is for many people the biggest deduction on their tax return. An additional mortgage is attractive as it can be demonstrated that this money is really used for the purchase, improvement or maintenance of the house. In addition, the deduction applies only to the first house.
Someone who has a house and consumer debt as a personal loan does well to consider whether the loan can be linked to any costs incurred by improvement or home maintenance. This can for example also with maintenance garage and garden.

Cafeteria System ?? taxable wage convert to a tax-efficient remuneration

Employees can share under certain conditions, of their wages for which the tax is paid to convert into a tax-free allowance. This is called the cafeteria system. Example: Someone who has to travel every day to work, but will receive no compensation can convert a portion of his wages in travel expenses. There needs to be traveled, or every day in this case. For this purpose, may all be used, not just the monthly wages, but also holiday pay or a thirteenth month.

Deduct gifts

People who give a lot to charity can deduct them often part of the load. The charity must be an officially recognized goal. This is to check with the IRS where they are under anbi. Some costs may be claimed as expenses such as the number of kilometers traveled for the church or a charity.
The threshold for charities is one percent of the aggregate income and a maximum of 10 per cent thereof. Gifts in the form of annuities are not so ?? s threshold. In that case, the annuity must, however, be recorded in a notarial deed.

By Work Bonus: tax benefits for workers older than 61

People who are over 61 years old and still working are entitled to a deferred pension bonus. In that case, the income from the work that must be undertaken be at least 8859 euros. The bonus is calculated on the income and not the income tax and is only deducted on the tax return. The percentage is dependent on the age and by the age, there is a maximum.

Income funds

Some people have a very fluctuating income and thus a varying tax bill for example because they have their own business or because they first work and then for the first time also pay income tax. Who does not want to pay too much tax in the year that a high income was earned, income funds can. This means that the high income is spread in a given year over the years that less earned. Averaging must be requested and should be sent to a calculation showing that the advantage of resources at least 545 euros. That advantage is not, then get the person in question nothing.

Pension ?? expenses are tax deductible

Who with annuity deposits or bank savings creates an old-age allowance can also deduct tax. . This can however only if there is a pension. Who wants to deduct an amount in 2009 must prove that there is a pension deficit for 2008. This also can over the previous years.
Pension may be due to:
  • Missing or non-optimal pension. Many pension schemes have in fact a lower accrual rate than the statutory maximum
  • If there is a deductible deficit in pension can be calculated with the tax return program that accompanies Box 1.

  • Help with filing of tax

    Not everyone can become wise from the jungle of rules of taxation. Therefore, there is much help. These are:
    • BelastingTelefoon. Reachable at 0800 ?? 0543. For questions, but not for advice
    • Tax
    • Emergency services unions
    • Interest groups