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TBS means posting. It is a treatment measure that could impose a court to people who have committed very serious offenses. It is a treatment measure because these patients also suffer from a disorder that may affect the behavior during the offense. Therefore, he is not entirely responsible by the court. The part which he can be charged or he receives a prison sentence. What does TBS exactly? When it was founded?

What keeps TBS in?

As stated in the introduction, this involves the TBS measure. Actually, it is a treat because the disorder is treated to prevent recurrence, the aim is to make society safer.


TBS was previously TBR. In 1928 this measure was introduced as a provision of the government. For one part he receives the punishment for the other part of treatment. They called this as the psychopatenwet.
The number of inpatients increased but there were too few places for these people. 1933 was thus temporarily 'psychopaths emergency law' or the stopwet introduced. This meant that TBR should only be imposed if there was a very serious offense committed and the recurrence rate was high. Before the war was primarily a confinement within the TBR and barely treatment. After the war it was different, when there were also developed and applied treatment options. Treatment can contribute to the safety of society, the thought was. The stopwet was terminated and thus put the number of patients grew again, which again led to an untenable situation. In 1951, the principle law was introduced, there were legal rights and obligations of patients regularly. In 1988 there came TBS response to the criticism that we gave up on the TBR measure.

Important differences between TBR and TBS

  • TBR could be imposed for each offense and TBS only for offenses carrying a minimum sentence is four years.
  • TBS can only take a maximum of four years unless two conditions are met, viz.:
    • It is a crime where other people have been jeopardized.
    • Extension is necessary for safety reasons.
  • In the TBS law you can lodge an appeal at issue.

There are two types of TBS
  • TBS with compulsory treatment
  • TBS with conditions

Often there is talk of TBS with compulsory treatment. When a TBS with conditions a person not listed under duress, but allows a judge conditions to the behavior. If anyone does not abide by the conditions the court may convert the measure into a TBS TBS with compulsory treatment.

TBS and the news

You often hear negative stories about TBS clinics. On 23-04-2014 there was news of the EO.
A group of forensic psychiatric patients in a closed department possessed about knives, drugs, phones and money. In the broadcast of Wednesday, April 23rd showed how TBS'er Majid holds two large carving knives. "Four or five months I have those knives at me," says Majid. He also says, "You can thus cause a bloodbath '!.
On other movies show forensic psychiatric drugs such as heroin, hashish, ecstasy and cocaine. The group of forensic psychiatric patients to whom it goes, sits on a closed ward without supervision and have no contact with the outside world. They therefore have a TBS with compulsory treatment. Yet they have the recordings to EO investigative journalist Roelof Bosma can pass. The idea was that they wanted to make it public, because they are frustrated when it comes to security policy and the lack of treatment by '' The Rooyse Exchange '' a TBS clinic in Venray.
Second MP Ard van der Steur indicates that "A regulator would be a useful addition. He is referring to experiences in England. As does the appointment of a supervisor of problems in commercial prisons according to him.

Other news

  • On April 11, 2012 there was a 29-year tbs'er from the clinic's Kijvelanden Poortugaal ran away after his supervised leave, this was in the vicinity of the clinic.
  • A runaway TBS'er commits an armed robbery in January 2010, he had not returned after his unescorted leave.
  • On March 9, 2014 was a TBS'er which did not return after leave to his arrest deceased. The police shot in the leg and then he lit himself a knife in his neck.


There is ever a film in which Theo Maassen plays an escaped TBS'er to evade police, he kidnaps a passer. The film is called TBS.