Teeth whitening at The White Smile Company

Health ivanp7 July 25, 2016 28 30
Perhaps you have seen ever advertising? The White Smile Company is known as the number one in the Netherlands in the field of teeth whitening. They use the latest technology and it is 100% safe and secure.


If your teeth bleached at The White Smile Company will get the guarantee that bleaching is not bad for your teeth. Not even in the long term. The treatment is quite simple. The discolorations which arise are removed in the course of the years. Thus, it is removed none of your tooth, except for the yellow color. Teeth become discolored as a person grows older. When this one goes faster than the other. Smoking, alcohol, coffee and tea are the main culprits for yellow teeth. The White Smile Company has offices in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Tilburg and Groningen and you can very quickly find a treatment, usually within a week.


Get the treatment you first begin an extensive interview and explain everything to you and we look at the condition of your teeth. Then you get a protective layer on your lips and get a mondspreider on. Also, your gums are covered with a protective layer and then you get a whitening gel on your teeth. Until this time you're about 30 minutes away. This is followed by the treatment with the plasma lamp, this takes about 60 minutes. Every fifteen minutes the whitening gel is replaced or updated.
After a treatment it is wise to 24 hours not to take dyes. The first three hours it is advisable to eat or drink anything except water. Pain is actually excluded from treatment. It may be that your gums which is sensitive, but that's only if you normally also have sensitive gums.


The result of such treatments lasts about 2 to 4 years maximum, then slowly your teeth yellow. This process can even take ten years before you back teeth were as yellow as for treatment. This depends on your lifestyle. It is however recommended to brush after a treatment with a special toothpaste. These toothpastes are available at The White Smile Company and ensure good maintenance of your teeth. They are quite pricey, but you're sure you have a good toothpaste.


Obviously, costs are also very important. At The White Company Smily get little money for a very good and safe result. There are three types of treatments possible. All treatments you have the opportunity to watch television, so the time goes faster.
The premium treatment
This is the most common treatment. With this treatment you get a natural and beautiful result. The treatment takes approximately one hour and costs ?? 149 -
Dentist Treatment
If you want to have self control over the color then you might want to go for this treatment. In this treatment, you may find yourself whitening your teeth. It is one of the safest ways, this has been tested by the consumers. The big advantage of this method is that you can decide how white your teeth will be. If you have achieved the desired result then you stop your treatment. This treatment costs ?? 149, -.
VIP treatment
If you want white teeth and really want you to opt for the VIP treatment the best result. This is a treatment undergone many celebs and models. Are very precious resources are used and your teeth are not whiter. This treatment costs ?? 249, -.