Teething heal without pharmacist: Teeth get

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The first teeth with a baby will already after a few months to get through. Until two or three years children can be problems with their teeth.

Forming teeth

The first teeth break through between five and nine months, but sometimes it can take longer. You can feel the teeth emerge as a ridge beneath the gums. You can recognize it by the white, pale gums. First the lower incisors, then the upper central incisors and then the rest. If all eight incisors are formed, the baby is usually around eight months. After 12 to 15 months appear the first molars. All the milk teeth will be formed by the second year of life.


All babies have to go through this stage, but they do not all react the same on. Most babies experience as any discomfort. This can vary from mild to very severe. A very classic symptom is a red stain on one of the cheeks. If the gums look red, it indicates an infection and you should raadpelegen a doctor. Attention, disclaim all other symptoms that your child is sick which is not the result of getting teething. In such cases it is also advisable to consult a doctor.


You can alleviate discomfort with some simple measures.
People Medium
  • pasteurized honey rub on the gums
  • let the child chewing on a piece of licorice

Herbal Medicine
  • syrup of marshmallow root against inflamed gums. Some spoons stirring the food.
  • chamomile or fennel tea to soothe and soften

  • a few drops of lavender oil on the bedding to calm and sleep in
  • rub chamomile oil with honey and clove oil on the gums

At the drugstore, you can also order Lucovit Dentalin Gingival specifically developed against getting teething. The gel contains chamomile extracts to soothe the gums. The added horsetail contains silicon that strengthen the teeth. Daarenbij ensure the magnesia and Aethusa for proper bowel function.
Even when getting teeth, you can just keep giving breastfeeding. Make sure that the baby is properly inserted in the chest making it less will bite.