Ten ways to combat stress

Health JfreemanMD July 25, 2016 0 12
Everyone has suffered from a healthy tension. That's good, tension keeps people focused and encourages action. In some cases, people have too much of this tension in their bodies. This leads to all these complaints and excessive stress is called stress. How can you reduce this stress now?

1 Time management

Stress can be caused by a lack of time. When you feel every day have time to come up short then it's a good idea to do time management. Read more about this can in: Ten Tips for time management.

2. Move

People who exercise regularly not only feel better physically, but also mentally. Exercise reduces tension in the muscles, making you mentally calmer. When intensive sport, make your endorphins, giving yourself more able to relax.

3. Express your feelings

By bottling up of feelings you get stressed. Pent up feelings can block you and when you talk about your feelings, can give relief. This does not help anyone. Some people need another outlet for their pent-up feelings. They may be better served by a particular sport such as boxing or running as an outlet for their stress.

4. Reduce the use of monitors

Frequent use of television, computer, mobile phone, tablet increases the feeling of stress. Many people who daily do their work behind a computer, tired and strained by this work. Also headaches, memory problems, concentration difficulties and sleep problems may be caused by computer work. If you suffer from it, it is wise to take the last hour before bedtime is no longer a screen instead. Go listen to music, read a book, draw, make music or do something else relaxing thing. Try the daytime screen work to minimize.

5. Mindfulness and Yoga

In yoga and mindfulness courses much attention is devoted to relaxation. Experience are and here. During these courses, you'll reduce more balanced and that way you can relieve stress. You can read more about this in the article: Spirituality, New Age and meaning.

6. Less set high standards for yourself

When you're feeling extremely perfectionist, you need a lot of yourself. You will find that it is always better, so you take little pleasure in the result. Because you are very high demands on yourself and do not always able to meet, turn the stress increasing. Perfection does not exist, so this pursuit is an impossible task. Try yourself to learn to aim a little lower and to be satisfied with the result. This provides rest time and extra energy.

7. Find a relaxing hobby

This includes writing, listening to music, photography, hiking, boating, rowing, swimming or reading. When you have a strenuous job, is there something soothing in return. Someone who is always under tension, the balance in his / her life lost.

8. Turn on the occasional cross in your diary

At these times you need anything. Some time for yourself.

9. Listen to your feelings

Do you often say yes, while feeling says no? Do you have friends where you're always tired coming from, you're there to go? Maybe you should more often listen to your feelings.

10. Ask for help

You have to do it alone. You can ask people around you to help you. Ask a colleague to give you a call when you again pass. Agree on a regular night out with friendly people who can help you to relax. If this is too little help, it is wise to consult the doctor. You can also consider to consult a hypnotherapist or use a sedative such as Passiflora A. Vogel.