Term light is not always clear to consumers

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The benefits of light products are often overestimated. In part this could be because the information on the packaging is not always properly assessed. It comes with the consumer not always to comprehensively compare the data of light products with other products. The makers of the products could here a lot to do by providing better and clearer information.

Dozens light products

The first light products were soft drinks. Currently there are dozens of products in supermarkets labeled light. Many a buyer of such product will think the products that contain very few calories. But that is sometimes only partly true. In addition, the eaters of chips, with the thought of light, sometimes not so closely longer take with scrabbling in the bag of chips and therefore eat more chips and limit the number of calories is still too much again.

Application term light

It is often thought to light that such a product contains fewer calories because the product meets three things that justify the term light. This is true for both less than sugar as less fat and less calories. Some even think that the number of calories in light saves up to 50 percent with other products. However, a manufacturer may already apply the term light if only one of the three components 30 percent is scored. However, the entrepreneur must identify any aspect of the term light is in effect.


But even 30 percent less fat does not always mean that there are fewer calories in the product seated because other substances may be added, complementing the lesser fat again. This is for instance the case with light chips where additional carbohydrates are added to it. Also, with the indication light on the label, the product can then still contains a lot of calories.

Diet sodas

Also, this may be the case with light desserts which are sweetened with sweetening agents, although but in which the fat is replaced by, for example, carbohydrates. The number of calories can then be even bigger. Also, a light version of cake or cheese contain fewer calories but the products deliver on balance much energy anyway. Diet sodas are a good choice for those who want to do on the line because there are far fewer calories than regular sodas.

Losing weight and safety products

A study commissioned by the Nutrition Centre and GezondheidsNet.nl was conducted by GfK comes to a number of opinions that has to do with weight loss and safety of products such as:
  • Many consumers are worried about the safety of diet products but those concerns are unjustified because those products, by complying with the requirements, are safe to eat and drink.
  • A significant percentage of consumers who used diet products says to fall off. This percentage is in the obese slightly higher than in others.
  • Consumers often choose mainly light products such as soft drinks and low-fat margarine with as a starting point to eat healthy or to maintain weight.

Better to watch the calories

Who wants to know what it is exactly all those calories do well to compare in the calorie count of light products with other products. But who for example when quenching thirst not reach for soft drinks and tea or drinks water is still better off reducing the number of calories. What in the fight against calories many people also can help is a good breakfast that is not considering the calories. Indeed, after a hearty breakfast it is much easier for the whole day to get all sorts of products are calories.