Terrorism and counter-terrorism

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For quite some time back in the history of mankind was already used by terorrisme groups and states, then to achieve their own objectives. That terrorism today is still happening is therefore given a plausible, because, after all, the phenomenon is as old as humanity itself. The constant threat of terrorism poses a lot of questions. How can a state here for instance to prepare for that and what exactly is the idea behind terrorism? There are many government agencies involved in the investigation of terrorism and counterterrorism. This has ensured that terrorism is a security issue with an enormous amount of valuable theories, forms and elements.

Terrorism and security partners

Terrorism is a complex and comprehensive security issue. Fighting terrorism, there are also many partners involved. These partners are focused on three aspects of terrorism, namely intelligence, investigations and prosecutions. The settings for this are responsible in the Netherlands, the AIVD, the DNR and the OM. The task of national coordinator in combating terrorism lies with the NCTb. This means that the NCTb care of the contacts between responsible institutions and local authorities.
Terrorism is a threat that affects not only the physical security of the individual citizen, but also the spiritual safety of our citizens. Society as a whole suffers from this threat in terms of social and physical security. It is not only made an attempt on the man himself, but also destructively on the environment.

Old and new forms of terrorism

In the terrorist past of the Netherlands will include the Moluccan train hijackings in the 70s, the various liquidations by the Irish Republican Army and German Red Army Faction and the murder and bomb attacks on diplomats by the Basque separatist group ETA.
Old terrorism is described as terrorism aimed at achieving terorritoriale or ideological purposes and the perpetrators utilized include targeted assassinations, hijackings and hostage taking. The new forms of terrorism are mainly focused on the disruption of society and making many victims as possible. The new form of terrorism, there has been strongly religiously inspired perpetrators, they also constitute a permanent group but are in loose networks. A major difference between these forms is the reason behind the terrorist attacks.
A big uncertainty is the real meaning of terrorism because of the diversity present in definiëringen. The Dutch government has a working definition of terrorism, it is described as follows:
"Terrorism is threatening ideological reasons, preparing or committing human lives serious violence directed or acts aimed at causing socially disruptive damage, with the aim of bringing about social change, the population is seriously intimidating or policy decision influence. "

Developments in the fight against terrorism

Prepared by the growing interest in terrorism, there is even a law. This is the Crimes of Terrorism Act. This law implies that such a number of criminal offenses that may be connected to terrorism, also require a higher penalty. Even acts that are seen as preparation for a terrorist act, being a member of a terrorist organization and recruiting for jihad are included.
The exchange of information is to be the most important preventive agent when it comes to attacks. Evaluations of certain terrorist attacks have resulted in such useful information, this knowledge could have prevented an attack. This information comes from the police, border control and the intelligence community. The exchange and sharing of information remains a huge bottleneck. There should be a clear international and national precautions are taken to avoid harmful consequences of this information. There are, however, made no clear guidelines for this, with the result that international cooperation is low.