The "Allergy look", new beauty trend in Japan

Beauty stupidfart9876 August 7, 2016 0 1

Pink or red blush under his eyes and a pale complexion voluntarily became the new strengths of Japanese beauty. A trend that gives more or less successful results.

Photo credit: Momoko Ogihara

Tired of having the eyes reddened by pollen? However, you should consider yourself lucky because girls in Japan voluntarily seeking to adopt this appearance. It's hard to believe, but the latest trend in Japanese makeup is to look sick.

Forget healthy glow: what you need, it's pink or red blush beneath the eyes, a pale complexion well and you are ready to walk the streets of Tokyo! The result of this maneuver, the US site Refinery29 says, would be to have an appearance of delicate doll "suggesting that you need looking after you." Enough to turn Simone de Beauvoir in her grave ...

Look young, fresh and innocent

This objective is also not shared by all followers of "allergy look". The Japanese Doll fashionista Rinrin Refinery29 tells that using the blush under the eyes gives a youthful, fresh and innocent face, as if you had just exercising or if you were blushing. Make-up artist Mariko Tagayashi also supports this trend, she says, brings out the eyes while hiding dark circles.

All probably depends on how we appropriate makeup "sickly": the risk, if you have a heavy hand, is to look like a zombie. But if you apply the blush pink in front of a light way, as Rinrin Doll, the result can be surprising!